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Agenda for RCR Board Meeting January 14, 2019

Vision:  Redwood Community Radio envisions a community of listeners who, guided by the example of RCR programming, work together to create better, more just and sustainable world systems to ensure that all humans and other living species on earth move toward a higher quality of life and are able to survive challenges in the time ahead.
Mission Statement:  Redwood Community Radio will encourage a communication center of open airways (KMUD) for all voices to inform, educate, entertain and inspire the listening community through quality programming.
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Proposed Agenda
Redwood Community Radio Board of Directors
February 11, 2019, 2:00 pm
 Heart of the Redwoods Community Hospice, Garberville CA
I. Call to order Opening comments from the President; meeting ground rules.
II. Roll call
BOARD-APPOINTED REPS: Mark Marchese, Correspondence Secretary Christine Doyka, behr
MEMBER REPS: Secretary Rob Bier, Vice President Sarah Starck, Treasurer Sarah Scudder
PROGRAMMER REPS:  President Jimmy Durchslag, James Ficklin
III. Approval of January minutes
IV. Approval of agenda
V. Open time (Speakers will be assigned an amount of time not to exceed five minutes.)
VI. Consent calendar
A. Underwriting compensation (please see attachment)
B. Sick leave language adjustment (please see attachment)
VII. Management report
VIII. Finance Committee report
IX. Old business
A. Underwriting
B. Website
C. Auditor
D. Station manager hiring
E. Programmers agreement (please see attachment)
X. New business
A. Mediation Committee membership
B. CAB membership (please see attachment)
C. Civility
D. Budget adjustment
E. Board vacancy
F. Bookkeeper contract
G. PSRC annual reviews
H. Volunteer committee
I. COLA policy (please see attachment)
XI. Committee reports
A. Programmer representatives
B. Member representatives
C. Community Advisory Board (CAB) – Siena Klein
D. Correspondence Secretary – Doyka
E. Development – Durchslag
F. Membership Drive – behr
G. Policy – Bier
H. Mediation – Doyka
I. Elections - behr
XII. Committee meeting schedule
Unless otherwise noted, all meetings take place at KMUD, 1144 Redway Drive, Redway CA.  Persons planning on attending a meeting should confirm beforehand that no changes from this schedule have taken place.
Board of Directors 2nd Monday, 2:00 pm, Hospice
Membership Drive 3rd Tuesday, 3:00 pm
Policy 3rd Wednesday, 11:00 am
Executive 3rd Wednesday, 12:00 pm
Finance 4th Tuesday, 1:00 pm
Development 4th Tuesday, 3:00 pm
XIII. Closed session – Personnel
Item VI.A
Underwriting compensation
For a six-month trial period RCR will allow volunteers, programmers and staff members to receive a one time finders fee for new underwriting contracts for KMUD (see stipulations below for qualifying persons and UDWs).  If management and the BOD agree, this trial period can be extended.
Programmers, volunteers, and staff will be paid a one time 10 percent finder fee on the first paid-in-full underwriting contract.
To qualify:
Staff, volunteers, or programmers interested in participating must attend training with management and the Underwriting Representative.  They must also be approved by both management and the Underwriting Representative and sign a contract.
The underwriting form (needs to be designed) must be filled out in full and turned into the Underwriting Representative.
The one-time finder’s fee will only be paid when the original contract has been paid in full.
Qualifying new underwriters cannot have underwritten the station in the last 15 months.  (This question needs to be first on the form so reps aren't finding out later that UDWs don't qualify.)
The Underwriting Representative is also entitled to a one time 10 percent finder‘s fee on all new accounts that they personally bring in with underwriters who have not underwritten in the past 15 months.
Item VI.B
Sick Leave Policy wording clarification
Employees who were hired to work 40 hours per week receive ten days of paid sick days per year, eight days for 32-hour-per-week employees, etc.  Sick pay accrues from the first day of employment and can be used after the completion of 30 days of continuous employment.  Sick leave must be accrued before it can be paid.  Employees of less than 30 days may take sick time off without pay without reducing the number of paid sick days they are earning.  The accrual of sick days is capped at 1.5 times the annual accrual rate.  No more sick days can be accrued until drawn down.  Sick days cannot be converted to vacation leave.  Unused sick leave shall not be paid in cash.
Item IX.D
Rev 10/23/06; 2/28/12; 2/14/17; 8/8/17
By signing this, I acknowledge that I have read, and agree to be bound by, all the information contained in the Operator’s Handbook and other documents given to me at training, which include relevant rules and regulations of the Federal Communications Commission [FCC], as well as relevant policy and procedures of Redwood Community Radio [RCR]. I also realize that the full Policy Manual of RCR hangs on the bulletin board at the station for my reference. These rules, regulations, policies, and procedures include the following:
(Deleted language is lined-out.  New language is underlined.)
1. I understand that KMUD runs substantially on volunteer energy, and I will do my best to help, over and above my on-air time -- especially during pledge drives. I further understand that Programmers are expected to put in a minimum of 8 additional volunteer hours per year. 
I understand that RCR runs substantially on volunteer energy.  I agree to volunteer at least 10 hours annually in addition to my show.  
Below, please check off all areas that you are interested in.  Someone will contact you to coordinate your volunteer hours.  You will be asked to keep track of your hours and submit in writing or by email the number of hours volunteered and the specifics for monitoring. 
I will engineer.
I will serve on the Development Committee, the Membership Drive Committee, or other committees (such as Website, Emergency Preparedness, Volunteer or other).
I will help with membership drives by answering phones, bringing food, producing, organizing, coordinating.  If you have a specific preference for spring or fall, please indicate:__________________________. 
I will volunteer at events, doing such tasks as coordination, sponsorship solicitation, food/bar, set up/clean up, general.  If you have a specific preference, please indicate:__________________________.
I will help with tabling, either coordination or tabling.  If you have a specific preference, please indicate:__________________________.
I will volunteer in the library
I will volunteer in the news room
I will help with yard work.  Please list specific skills:_______________________________________.
I will help with building maintenance projects Please list specific skills: _______________________________________________________>
I will perform office work, including filing, phone answering, etc.
I will help with mass mailings by stuffing envelopes.
Other.  Please explain:________________________________________.
Exceptions will be discussed pending circumstances.
2. I understand that I am responsible for the quarterly submission of my playlists to Spinitron.
From the CPB Website:
A. Governing Legislation: The Community Advisory Board (CAB) requirements in the Communications Act are as follows:  
(A)  Funds may not be distributed pursuant to this subpart to any public broadcasting station (other than any station which is owned and operated by a State, a political or special purpose subdivision of a State, or a public agency) unless such station establishes a community advisory board. Any such station shall undertake good faith efforts to assure that: 
i) its advisory board meets at regular intervals; 
(ii) the members of its advisory board regularly attend the meetings of the advisory board; and 
(iii) the composition of its advisory board are reasonably representative of the diverse needs and interests of the communities served by such station.
(B)The board shall be permitted to review the programming goals established by the station, the service provided by the station, and the significant policy decisions rendered by the station. The…
NOTE:  A thorough search of FCC on-line files failed to turn up any mention of barring station employees from CAB membership.
Cost-of-living adjustment (COLA)
Station staff members are entitled to an annual cost-of-living adjustment to their salaries.  The COLA presently stands at two percent.  Adjustments to that rate are made by the Finance Committee on its own authority.
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