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KMUD honors its volunteers Featured

We love volunteers!

KMUD has been relying on volunteers for most of its programs, and for much of the operation for its over 27 year history. On January 17, KMUD held its annual Volunteer Appreciation and Celebration Party at

the Veterans Memorial Building in Garberville. Supporters of the nonprofit radio station had received ballots in the mail to vote for their favorite shows and programmers, and a team of volunteers, including board members, tallied up the votes.

Station Manager Jeanette Todd and volunteer cook Teri McCall McKenzie prepared a great meal with help from friends and family. Many thanks to April Moore’s Ranch Party for the wonderful harmonies and great country music!

These are the results from the survey:
Favorite day to listen In 3rd Saturday, in 2nd Wednesday, tied for 1st: Thursday & Friday

Best talk shows sorted by time and day:
Spiritual Perspective Pagan Perspective
Morning in 2nd (68 votes) – Women on Wednesday, Winner (69) – Monday Morning Magazine
Sunday Cannabis Consciousness, Kerry Reynolds
Monday Politically Correct Week in Review
Tuesday Environment with Kelley & Robie Tenorio
Wednesday Homegrown Tomatoes
Thursday in 2nd (38 votes) – Women’s Radio Collectively
Winner (53) – All Things Reconsidered
Friday Thank Jah It’s Friday
Thursday 5:30 Public affairs Wildlife Matters
Best talk Thank Jah It’s Friday

Best music shows
Early morning Mudlark in the Morning
Late morning Brian’s World
Early afternoon Spirit of Rock n Roll
Late afternoon Coconut Wireless
Early evening Rankin’ Reggae Rotation
Late evening Jomama’s Blues
After midnight Songs in the Air
Best international Eurobureau
Best overall Jomama’s Blues

Programmers / Engineers
Smoothest sound Brian Elie
Quirkiest / funniest (24 received votes) Tied for 2nd – Owl and Eddie
Winner – Long John
Best news/talk engineer Sue Maloney
Best rookie In 2nd place – Emily Hobelman. Winner – Sean Andersen
Best programmer (36 received votes) Tied for 2nd – Bettye and Harold
Winner – Jomama
Volunteers the most (23 received votes) In 2nd place – Jack Frybulous (8 votes)
Winner (with 10) – Jordan Jumpshot

Thanks to ballot-counters Cody Dillon, Jack Flaws, Jack Frybulous, Mark Marchese, and Siena Klein. And special thanks to Bettye Etter, Bobby G., for counting as well as organizing the ballot-sending and -counting.

In addition, Station manager Jeanette Todd gave awards to these special volunteers for their work in 2014:
Leo Power- Washing- Stepping up for KMUD
Monique Rowan- Diversity in programming
Jack Flaws- Letter stuffing, events, pledge drives - One of the most diverse Volunteers of the
Solar Dan - Front Desk Mondays
Ellie Huber - Front Desk Tuesdays & Program Reporting
Tanya Horlick- Front Desk Wednesdays & lots of other stuff!
Mish Lewis - Front Desk Thursdays
Rob Bier – Front Desk Fridays
Dana Cory - Live Broadcast
Eric Johnston - Live Broadcast
Simon Frech - Live Broadcast
Sunshine Johnston - Live Broadcast
Julia Minton - Volunteer of the Year
Siena Klein - Volunteer of the Year
Donna King - Pledge Drive!
Cynthia Click - Pledge Drive!
Kathy Epling - Voices- a unique show of its own.
Honky Tonk Bill - Stepping up for KMUD!
BR Graham - Volunteer of the Decade
Les Scher - KMUD Lifetime Achievement Award
Jimmy Durschlag - KMUD Lifetime Creation Award
Scott Kender - Kerry Morgan’s Volunteer of the Year
Kerry Reynolds - Flexibility in Programming Formats
Babette - Kitchen Goddess
Terri McCall McKenzie - Diversity in Volunteering

If you would like to volunteer in any capacity, please call Kerry Morgan at 923-2513 or write to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..">This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. There’s always something to do at KMUD!

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