Tuesday, November 12, 2013

World Radio Network on KMUD-HD2 and KMUE-HD2

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The HD2 channels of KMUD, KMUE, and K258BQ currently carry programming from the World Radio Network, on the web at wrn.org. 

Please note that as of March 29 all times in the schedule below are minus one hour. This is due to the change to summer time in Europe and the U.K. on March 29, and WRN appears to follow that change. An updated schedule is forthcoming shortly.

WRN English North America - B14 Schedule - Effective January 1st, 2015                                     Download an easy to read printable schedule
revised for Daylight Saving Time starting March 8, 2015

MIDNIGHT Deutsche Welle
1:00 Polish Radio External Service
2:00 KBS World Radio (Korea)
3:00 Radio France International
4:00 Deutsche Welle
5:30 Radio Slovakia International
6:00 KBS World Radio (Korea)
7:00 Polish Radio External Service
8:00 Radio Sweden (Mon-Fri)
         Radio New Zealand Int’l: Dateline Pacific (Sat)
         Radio Guangdong: Guangdong Today (Sun)
8:30 Radio Prague
9:00 Deutsche Welle
10:00 Radio New Zealand International: Korero Pacifica (Mon-Fri)
         Swissinfo (Sat)
         Swissinfo (Sun)
10:15 Vatican Radio
10:30 Radio Prague (Mon-Fri)
         Radio Guangdong: Guangdong Today (Sat)
         Banns Radio International: Copenhagen Calling (Sun)
11:00 Radio Sweden (Mon-Fri)
         PCJ Radio International: Media Network Plus (Sat)
         Radio Guangdong: Guangdong Today (Sun)
11:30 Radio Slovakia International (Mon-Fri)
         Glenn Hauser's World of Radio (Sat)
         PCJ Radio International: Media Network Plus (Sun)
NOON Polish Radio External Service
13:00 Deutsche Welle
14:00 KBS World Radio (Korea)
15:00 Radio Prague
15:30 Radio Slovakia International
16:00 Polish Radio External Service
17:00 Radio Sweden (Tue-Sat)
         Banns Radio International: Copenhagen Calling (Sun)
         Radio New Zealand Int’l: Dateline Pacific (Mon)
17:30 Israel Radio
17:45 Vatican Radio
18:00 Radio Prague
18:30 Radio Slovakia International
19:00 Radio New Zealand International: Korero Pacifica (Tue-Sat)
Radio New Zealand Int’l: Dateline Pacific (Sun)
Radio Guangdong: Guangdong Today (Mon)
19:15 Israel Radio (Tue-Sat)
19:30 Radio Sweden (Tue-Sat)
         Radio Guangdong: Guangdong Today (Sun)
         Glenn Hauser's World of Radio (Mon)
20:00 KBS World Radio (Korea)
21:00 Polish Radio External Service
22:30 Israel Radio
22:45 Radio New Zealand International: Korero Pacifica (Tue-Sat)
         Swissinfo (Sun)
         Swissinfo (Mon)
23:00 Radio France International

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Listener Survey

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by acls us
by acls us

Our Mission and Vision

Vision Statement: Redwood Community Radio envisions a community of listeners who, guided by example of RCR programming, work together to create better, more just and sustainable world systems to ensure that all human and other living species on earth move toward higher quality of life and are able to survive the challenges in the times ahead.

Mission Statement: Redwood Community Radio will encourage a communication center of open airways (KMUD) for all voices to inform, educate, entertain and inspire the listening community through quality programming.



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