The protest against the Willits Bypass Project is escalating, and according to the KMUD Local News Broadcast, aired by News Director, Terri Klemtson, Thurs., March 21, 2013, the California Highway Patrol stepped up their presence at the project site, and as of 2:30 pm eight people had been arrested.

Use the player below to hear more including:

  • An interview with a CHP Officer
  • An interview with a Caltrans spokesperson
  • Opinions from a tree sitter ("Warbler")
  • An interview with a spokesperson from the Environmental Protection and Information Center(EPIC)
  • Information on the planned nude photoshoot

Links to more information:
Caltrans Willits Bypass Web Page
Previous KMUD News post Willits Bypass update
KMUD News Post detailing the background of this project and protests against the project
Related information contributed by Dan Roberts


The press release below dated, March 21, 2013 was jointly released by three environmental groups: Center for Biological Diversity, Willits Environmental Center and EPIC.

SACRAMENTO, Calif.— Two-dozen conservation and community organizations are joining together to take on irresponsible and damaging highway-widening projects around the state by the California Department of Transportation. The Caltrans Watch coalition cites wasteful spending, institutionalized disregard of environmental regulations designed to protect natural resources, and a pattern of refusal to address local community concerns. A dozen of the groups are calling on Caltrans to halt construction on the controversial Willits Bypass project in Mendocino County.
“With devastating budget cuts to education, health and social services and the state park system, how can Caltrans squander $350 million on five unnecessary highway widening projects in Northern California, with severe environmental impacts?” asked Jeff Miller of the Center for Biological Diversity. “Someone needs to give ’em a brake. Where’s the oversight and accountability to rein in the pervasive problems at Caltrans, like refusal to consider reasonable alternatives to massive highway projects, shoddy environmental review, no transparency, faulty data and disregard for public input?”
"The Willits community is coming to realize what a disaster the Willits Bypass will be for our environment and our town,” said Ellen Drell of the Willits Environmental Center. “The project should be stopped until Caltrans adequately evaluates less damaging alternatives. We want our transportation dollars and construction jobs directed toward locally appropriate infrastructure that doesn't bankrupt the state, further trash our natural resources or ignore the $300 billion highway maintenance backlog.”
“From the wild canyons of the Smith River, through the redwood parks of Humboldt, to the wetlands headwaters of the Eel River at Willits, Caltrans is running roughshod over the North Coast,” said Natalynne Delapp of the Environmental Protection Information Center. “Local communities are trying to engage the agency to develop appropriate transportation solutions, but Caltrans continues to bulldoze us with archaic projects straight out of the 1950s, that benefit only a limited group of economic interests.”
Despite a pending lawsuit filed by conservation groups challenging the Willits Bypass — a proposed four-lane freeway to be built through sensitive wetlands around the community of Willits — Caltrans has stated its intention to cut down mature oak forests, remove brush and destroy riparian vegetation along critical salmon streams before the case can be heard in federal court this summer. State Sen. Noreen Evans earlier this month sent a letter to Caltrans echoing community concerns over whether there is a need for a four-lane project, why other alternatives or routes were not seriously examined, and if less environmentally destructive solutions to address local traffic congestion were feasible. For now, protestors and a tree-sitter in the path of Caltrans’ proposed superhighway have prevented tree and vegetation removal.
The Caltrans Watch coalition includes: Alameda Creek Alliance, Bay Area Coalition for Headwaters, Campaign for Sensible Transportation, Center for Biological Diversity, Citizens Committee to Complete the Refuge, East Bay Chapter of the California Native Plant Society, Environmental Protection Information Center, Friends of Coyote Hills Committee, Friends of Del Norte, Friends of the Eel River, Local Ecology and Agriculture Fremont, Mendocino Group of the Sierra Club, Northcoast Environmental Center, Pacificans for Highway One Alternatives, Piercy Watersheds Association, Redwood Chapter of the Sierra Club, Safe Alternatives for our Forest Environment, Save Little Lake Valley, Save Niles Canyon, Save Our Sunol, Save Richardson Grove Coalition, Tri-City Ecology Center and Willits Environmental Center.
Caltrans has consistently refused to consider less expensive and ecologically damaging alternatives to highway widening projects that could accomplish safety and transportation objectives, and has ignored public concerns, input and opposition. The coalition points to half a dozen highway-widening projects being pursued by Caltrans that are not needed to achieve the stated safety or transportation access purposes:
* The $10 million Richardson Grove project to widen and realign Highway 101 through Richardson Grove State Park in Humboldt County, damaging prized old-growth redwoods to supposedly increase access for large commercial trucks;
* The $210 million Highway 101 superhighway the size of Interstate 5 around Willits, not needed for local traffic volumes, requiring the largest wetlands fill permit in Northern California in the past 50 years and running through headwaters of salmon-bearing streams and habitat for endangered plants;
* The $19 million Highway 197/199 widening projects in Del Norte County along the “wild and scenic” Smith River to accommodate oversized commercial trucks, with impacts to old-growth redwood trees;
* The $76 million Niles Canyon highway-widening project in Alameda County, a “safety” project stopped by a citizen lawsuit. Caltrans now admits the widening is not needed and the Federal Highway Administration recently concluded it is not warranted by the state’s safety data. It would have cut 600 riparian trees and added four miles of cement retaining walls and rip-rap along a regionally significant stream for steelhead trout;
* The $50 million Calera Parkway project to double the width of Highway 1 in Pacifica, in San Mateo County, with impacts to endangered frogs and garter snakes.
The coalition supports safe roadways and sensible transportation planning. For each of these projects the organizations have expended considerable effort through the available public review processes to encourage Caltrans to pursue reasonable and effective safety or access upgrades that would avoid needless environmental destruction. These efforts have largely been frustrated by Caltrans’ refusal to even evaluate viable alternatives proposed by the affected communities.
The pattern of flawed decision-making and inadequate environmental review by Caltrans has forced community organizations to resort to litigation as the only remaining avenue to seek redress. The coalition cites systemic problems within Caltrans, beginning with the manner in which transportation infrastructure needs are identified, the proposed solutions to address those needs, incomplete and inadequate review of environmental impacts, and disregard for concerns of local communities.


Update: April 11, 2013:

According to information received by KMUD News, Olivia Marquez-Sykes passed away early morning on Thursday April 11, 2013. According to the KMUD Local Newscast, aired by KMUD News Director Terri Klemetson on April 11, Olivia's mother, Julie Marquez, posted to her Facebook page: “Our dear sweet Olivia followed her own path and crossed over at 4 am this morning. She fought long and hard, but she is at peace now and flying free.”

KMUD wishes to extend condolences to Olivia's family and friends.

The original post on this story apperas below.


A Southern Humboldt teenager is in serious condition and being treated at U.C.Davis Medical Center after returning from a party in a daze and reporting to her family that she had taken the drug ecstacy.

Use the player below to hear more on this story, including friends and family rallying to support this much loved local young woman. This story was aired on the KMUD Local News,Tues., March 19, 2013, by KMUD News Director,  Terri Klemetson.

  • Donations to help Olivia's family with medical expenses may be made at: Garberville Community Credit Union Acct.# 16550
  • Cards and gifts may be sent to U.C. Davis Medical Center: 2315 Stockton Blvd, Sacramento, California 95817
  • Click here for the Facebook Page: Loving Olivia



A recent Eureka Police Department press release describes a message popping up on local residents computer screens purporting to be from the “Department of Homeland Security National Cyber Security Division.” The message reportedly causes the computer to freeze and instructs the user that to “unlock” the computer they are “obliged to pay a fine of $300.00.” The EPD advises that anyone receiving this message should not make any requested payments and should file a complaint with the Internet Crime Complaint Center (IC3) at http://www.ic3.gov/default.aspx.

According to the U.S. Computer Emergency Readiness Team (US-CERT) website,  this type of cyber attack is called "ransomware" and results after an e-mail message, puporting to be from the Department of Homeland Security National Cyber Security Division or from other "official sources", including the FBI, is received by the victim. US-CERT gives information about avoiding cyber attacks and scams including not clicking on links or opening attachments from suspicious e-mails.

The full EPD press release may be read below.

On 3/20/13, the Eureka Police Department received a report of a computer-related scam now affecting some local residents.  Victims report a pop-up message will appear on their personal computer.  The message is purportedly from the “Department of Homeland Security National Cyber Security Division.”  The message, which appears to be a form of malware/virus known as “ransomware,” states: “The work of your computer has been suspended on the grounds of the violation of the law of the United States of America.”  It further declares, “This computer has been blocked.”  The message remains locked in the front of one’s screen and the user is unable to close it or access other programs.  It essentially freezes the computer. The message instructs the user that to “unlock” the computer they are “obliged to pay a fine of $300.00.”  It further states they must pay this fine through “MoneyPak” within 48 hours (Green Dot MoneyPak is available through Walmart, Kmart, Rite Aid and other major retailers).  If the fine has not been paid, it threatens the user will become the subject of criminal prosecution without the right to pay the fine.  The warning asserts once you pay the “fine” your computer will be unblocked. The “fine” is paid by entering your $300.00 MoneyPak code into a box on the pop-up warning screen and clicking ok.

The warning screen is very convincing with logos from Homeland Security as well as major retailers such as Walmart.  Walmart and the other retailersare not associated with this scam.  Alternate versions of this same scam may use the FBI’s logo  Anyone receiving this message should not enter a MoneyPak code or any other payment method into the screen.  Users should file a complaint with the Internet Crime Complaint Center (IC3) at http://www.ic3.gov/default.aspx.  The IC3 is a partnership between the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and the National White Collar Crime Center (NW3C).


A Humboldt County Sheriff's Deputy, patrolling the area of recent fiber optic cable vandalism in the Rio Dell area (click here to see that story), resulted in a vehicular pursuit which was eventually terminated for public safety concerns but later picked up by the California Highway Patrol. After crashing and rolling the car he was driving, 29 year old Michael Joseph Petersen, was arrested for felony evasion, possession of a loaded firearm in a vehicle, possession of illicit drugs, possession of hashish, possession of a controlled substance, resisting arrest, driving unlicensed and driving under the influence. According to the Humboldt County Sheriff's Office (see the press release below) there is no indication Petersen was involved in the Suddenlink vandalisms.

HCSO Press Release, dated March 18, 2013:

On 03-18-2013, approximately 1:00 a.m. a Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office Deputy Sheriff patrolling in the area of Blue Slide Road and Price Creek Road, Rio Dell area, saw a grey 1989 Toyota pickup truck parked in a turnout in the area where the Suddenlink Fiber Optic vandalisms had been occurring.  As the deputy drove by he saw a subject standing outside the trucks driver side door wearing a black backpack.  When the deputy made a u-turn to investigate what the person was doing the truck sped away, south on Blue Slide Road. The deputy sheriff attempted to pull the car over and the truck failed to yield. Instead the pickup sped up to speeds in excess of 60 mph. The deputy initiated a pursuit as the truck accelerated to 70 mph as it approached Rio Dell City limits. The truck failed to stop for a stop sign then entered US 101 southbound vary speeds of 50 to 80 mph. The truck then exited US 101 at Pepperwood exit continuing southbound on State Route 254 (Avenue of the Giants). While traveling southbound on State Route 254 the truck weaved into both lanes of traffic. Due to public safety concerns the deputy terminated the pursuit.
A few minutes later California Highway Patrol (CHP) Officers who were responding to assist the deputy spotted the pickup truck on Dyerville Loop Road, Garberville area. The truck again started to flee from the C.H.P. car, however lost control and crashed in the 2700 block of Dyerville Loop Road. The pickup truck rolled over during the crash and traveled approximately 400 feet down a hillside. The driver, who was the sole occupant in the pickup truck was taken into custody by C.H.P. He received minor injuries in the collision. The C.H.P. Officers located a loaded Colt handgun in the vehicle, along with a variety of illegal drugs.

The deputy joined the CHP Officers on scene and the driver, Michael Joseph Petersen, 29 years old from Garberville was arrested for felony evasion, possession of a loaded firearm in a vehicle, possession of illicit drugs, possession of hashish, possession of a controlled substance, resisting arrest, driving unlicensed and driving under the influence.  Petersen was taken to a local hospital for his injuries and was treated and released. He was transported to the Humboldt County Correctional Facility where his bail was set at $50,000.00.

There is no indication Petersen was involved in the Suddenlink vandalisms.

Anyone with information for the Sheriffs Office regarding this case or related criminal activity is encouraged to call the Sheriffs Office at 707-445-7251 or the Sheriffs Office Crime Tip line at 707-268-2539.

Michael Joseph Petersen shown below.


NOAA's National Weather Service in Eureka informed KMUD News that the annual Tsunami Warning Communications Test, for 2013 will take place on Wednesday, March 27th between 11:00 am and 12:00 noon. To insure that the Tsunami Warning System works properly in case of a real tsunami emergency, Del Norte, Humboldt, and Mendocino Counties will all participate in this test by interrupting TV and Radio Stations, and activating NOAA Weather Radios and Outdoor Sirens. However, not all Cable and Satellite TV Stations may be able to participate.

Remember when you hear or see the warning test on March 27 between 11:00 a.m. and 12:00 Noon:

    • You do NOT need to take any action  
    • Do NOT call 911 or local authorities  
    • Do NOT evacuate your home or business.  


For more information see the flyer below.

In a letter addressed to Caltrans Director, Michael Dougherty, dated March 5, 2013, California District 2 Senator, Noreen Evans, communicated concerns and asked a number of questions, on behalf of her constituents, regarding the current Willits Bypass Project.

KMUD News Director, Terri Klemetson, aired the piece below on the KMUD Local News, Tues. March 12, 2013, featuring a report on the Evans letter by Jennifer Poole, Editor of the Willits Weekly and KMUD News Correspondent.

Update March 15, 2013:

Last Wed., March 14, 2013, a fourth act of vandalism to Suddenlink's fiber optics cable occurred, this time in the 3400 block of Old Arcata Road. Suddenlink is offering a $5,000 cash reward for the arrest and conviction of the suspect(s) responsible for these crimes.The latest Humboldt County Sheriff's Office press release appears below.

On 3-13-13 at about 11:00 p.m. the Sheriff’s Office was contacted by Suddenlink and advised of vandalism to their Fiber Optic Cable.  This is the fourth vandalism toSuddenlink’s Fiber Optic Service since March 8, 2013.  The most recent vandalism is believed to have occurred in the 3400 block of Old Arcata Road however Suddenlink is still attempting to identify the exact location.  The Sheriff’s Office responded to the area last night and did not locate any suspects or find obvious signs of where the cable was damaged.

Sheriff’s Investigators are currently on scene investigating this crime and Suddenlink personnel are working to repair the Fiber Optic Cable.  Suddenlink previously estimated the repair costs to be approximately $10,000, per site.  The vandalisms have occurred in the areas of Ferndale, Trinidad and now Bayside.

Suddenlink is offering a $5,000 cash reward for the arrest and conviction of the suspect(s) that are responsible for these crimes.This is an on-going investigation and the Sheriff’s Office is working diligently to identify a suspect or suspects in these crimes and to stop further vandalisms and interruptions to Suddenlink’s services.  

Anyone with information for the Sheriff’s Office regarding this case or related criminal activity is encouraged to call Detective Kirkpatrick of the Sheriff’s Criminal Investigations Division at:   707-268-3640 or the Sheriff’s Tip Line at 707-268-2539.


Update March 12, 2013:

For the third time in less than a week, Suddenlink's fiber optic cable, the cable providing telephone, television and internet service to their customers, has been vandalized. The first two incidents occurred on March 8, 2013. This most recent act of vandalism was reported on Tues., March 12, when Sheriff's Deputies, responding to a telephone call from a Supervisor for Suddenlink, found a four-foot length of cable had been cut out and discarded in the brush nearby.

The press release update from the Humboldt County Sheriff's Office appears below:

On 03-12-2013 just after midnight the Sheriff’s Office received a telephone call from a Supervisor for Suddenlink, regarding vandalism again to their telephone/cable/internet service. The location of the vandalism to the Fiber Optic Cable was located approximately 2/10 of a mile north of the south Weymouth Bluff Road on Blue Slide Road, Ferndale. An approximate 4 foot section of the Fiber Optic Cable was cut out and discarded in the brush.The Sheriff’s Office responded to the scene and recovered the 4 foot piece of Fiber Optic Cable and booked it into evidence to be fingerprinted.

The Supervisor for Suddenlink estimated approximately $10,000 to repair the Fiber Optic Cable.  There are currently no suspects for this vandalism. Suddenlink has since put a temporary repair on the Fiber Optic Cable to return service to their customers.
This is the third vandalism to Suddenlink’s Fiber Optic Cable since Friday, March 08th, 2013. The first two vandalisms occurred in the Trinidad and Ferndale area on Friday. The total cost for repair in the first two vandalisms is approximately $10,000 dollars.

Suddenlink has informed the Sheriff’s Office that they are offering a cash reward for the arrest and conviction of the suspect or suspects that are responsible for the vandalism to their Fiber Optic Cable.

Anyone with information for the Sheriff’s Office regarding this case or related criminal activity is encouraged to call the Sheriff’s Office at 707-445-7251 or the Sheriff’s Tip line at 707-268-2539.

See the original post on this story below.


According to a press release from the Humboldt County Sheriff's Office, dated March 8, 2013:

On 3-8-2013, approximately 10:30 a.m. the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office was notified by the Plant Manager of Suddenlink, that an unknown suspect(s) cut the companies Fiber Optic Cable at approximately 12:17 a.m. today. Repair crews were immediately notified of an outage, and when they responded to the underground vault located near Grizzly Bluff Road and Blue Slide Road, Ferndale they discovered the line was intentionally cut and approximately 24 feet of Fiber Optic Cable was stolen. The damaged line caused approximately 1000 customers to lose telephone service including 911, along with internet and cable.

Approximately two hours later service on another Suddenlink Fiber Optic Cable was lost in the Trinidad area. When Suddenlink repair crews arrived at the location of the damage on Scenic Drive, Trinidad near the US 101 southbound onramp, they discovered that line had been cut. Approximately 950 customers were affected by the loss of that line. There are no suspect(s) at this time. Estimated damage is over $10,000.00. Suddenlink is currently working to repair the damaged lines.

Anyone with information for the Sheriffs Office regarding this case or related criminal activity is encouraged to call the Sheriffs Office at 707-445-7251 or the Sheriffs Office Crime Tip line at 707-268-2539.

The Humboldt County Board of Supervisors met Tuesday, March 5, 2013, to preview a draft registration program for outdoor medical marijuana cultivation. The County staff has been a year in the development phase of this ordinance, but before adoption the board plans to seek community input on the draft.

Use the player below to hear more on this story, including a report submitted by Daniel Mintz. This story was aired on the KMUD Local News on Tues., March 5 by KMUD News Director, Terri Klemetson.

Click here for a pdf copy of the Draft Medical Marijuana Outdoor Cultivation Ordinance.

The news piece in the player below was aired by KMUD News Coordinator, Christina Aanestad on the Local News Fri., March 1, 2013. The audio includes interviews with 4th District Humboldt County Supervisor, Mark Lovelace and Ellen Komp from Cal NORML


March Cannabis Science Update:

Use the player below to hear the March Edition of Cannabis Science Update.

Cannabis Science Update is a regular feature of the KMUD radio show, Cannabis Consciousness (1:30-3:00pm on the first Sun. of every month), and is written by Kerry Reynolds, read by Harold Day, and recorded by Dave Smith.

- Spring Arts Collective Logo by Stu Moskowitz

Spring Art Collective (SAC) is the name of a program which offers fine art and music classes to interested young people. This year's program, held at the Mateel Community Center in Redway, began March 1, 2013 and will run through April 26, with a requested $5 donation per class session.

Click here for more information on the program.

Use the player below to hear more on this story, which was aired on the KMUD Local News, Monday, March 4, 2013 by KMUD News Director, Terri Klemetson.

Photos below from the SAC: student paintings on silk, drying (left) and to the right, Kathryn Guillette with SAC music students.



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