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Candidates for 3rd District Supervisor Mendocino County, California, at debate in Laytonville, California on April 24, 2014

Long Valley Teachers Association organized a debate between the candidates for Mendocino County 3rd district supervisor on April 24, 2014. From left to right: Moderator Alison Pernell, Holly Madrigal, Clay Romero, Hal Wagenet, Tom Woodhouse. The event took place at the Laytonville Elementary School and was broadcast live on Redwood Community Radio's KMUD Garberville, KLAI Laytonville and KMUE Eureka, as well as Round Valley Community Radio's KYBU Covelo.

You can listen to or download the audio from the forum, see the link below.

Friday, April 18, 2014

Emerald Cup- 2013 Audio Tracks

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The Emerald Cup is the world's longest running outdoor organic cannabis competition and celebration. In its 10th year it moved out of the Emerald Triangle and drew approximately 5,000 visitors  to the Sonoma County Fairgrounds in Santa Rosa, Calif. on December 14th and 15th, 2013. KMUD streamed the event live on the web and simulcast it on KMUD's HD2 channel.

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Click here for a Video by kubby tv of Steve Kubby interviewed by Harold Day and others at KMUD Booth:

Use the players below to hear audio recorded at the Emerald Cup event. The audio tracks were edited by Kerry Reynolds, KMUD News Correspondent and Host of the KMUD Radio Show Cannabis Consciousness. Kerry's show airs every first Sunday from 1:30-3:00pm on KMUD and streams live at: kmud.org. The photos and audio descriptions were also provided by Kerry Reynolds.

Awards Ceremony  Audio Part 1 - John Vergados sings to Brave Mykala; a blessing from Swami, a welcome from Jose Gutierrez; Debbie Goldsberry accepts lifetime achievement award; Fred Gardner presents Dennis Peron with lifetime achievement award; and Toni Serra marries Dennis Peron to longtime partner John Entwistle.

Awards Ceremony Audio Part 2 -  Tim Blake, Swami, Nikki and others announce the award winners. Top winners give acceptance speeches.

Cup Founder and Organizer Tim Blake interviewed by KMUD's Christina Aanestad.


Audio 1 - Medicinal Use of Cannabis For Children. Moderator: Attorney Matt Kumin Speakers: Erin and Brandon, Parents of Brave Mykala; Andrew DeAngelo, GM of Harborside Health Center; Samantha Miller, President and Chief Scientist of Pure Analytics; Micky Martin, Activist Parents4pot.org.

Audio 2 - Part 1: Breeding In Desired Traits, Breeding Out the Unwanted. Moderator: Leo Stone. Panelists: Lawrence Ringo, DJ Short, MzJil, Subcool

Audio 3  - Part 2: Breeding In Desired Traits, Breeding Out the Unwanted. Moderator: Leo Stone. Panelists: Lawrence Ringo, DJ Short, MzJil, Subcool

Audio 4 - Dabs, Are They Safe? Part 1 Moderator: Alec Dixon, SC Labs; Speakers: Josh Wurzer, SC Labs; K, Trichome Technologies; Nikka T; Addison, Steep Hill Labs; Taylor Beezel

Audio 5 - Dabs, Are They Safe? Part 2 Moderator: Alec Dixon, SC Labs; Speakers: Josh Wurzer, SC Labs; K, Trichome Technologies; Nikka T; Addison, Steep Hill Labs; Taylor Beezel

Audio 6 - Hemp .  Moderator: Michael Gosney. Speakers: Anna Owen, Chris Conrad, Agua Das.

Audio 7 - The Soil Food Web. Speaker: Jeff Lowenfells, Author of Teaming With Microbes

Audio 8 - True Living Organics. Speaker: The Rev, Cultivation writer for Skunk Magazine and author of True Living Organics

Audio 9 - Trends in Breeding. Moderator: John Vergados. Speakers: Green House Seeds, Simon The Professor, Sasha the Joint Doctor


Audio A - Better Business Practices - This recording begins about 15 minutes into the panel. Moderator: Granddaddy Mike. Speakers: Steven DeAngelo (Harborside Health Center), Robert Jacob (Mayor of Sebastapol, Dispensary owner), Asa Schaffer(Sonoma County Collective), Forrest Landers (Magic Flight Launch Box)

Audio B- Beyond NPK How To Grow Your Own. A recording of the last 22 minutes. Moderator: Kristin Nevedal. Speakers: Kevin Jodrey, Rosebud and Scott Ireland, Scott Zeramby

Audio C-Social Impacts of Cannabis Growing. A recording of the first 18 minutes. Moderator: Kyndra Miller Speakers: Amanda Reiman, Kym Kemp, Diane Goldstein.

Audio D -Bud Curing - A recording of the last 6 minutes. Moderator: Kristin Nevedal. Speakers: Ed Rosenthal, Kevin Jodrey

Emerald Cup Stage

Interviews from the Press Tent at Reggae on the River 2013, coordinated by KMUD.

Downloadable interviews after the

An evening of debates held at the Veterans Memorial Hall in Garberville on September 29, 2010, broadcast on KMUD.

Downloadable audio after the

Friday, September 17, 2010

Southern Humboldt Community Park Scoping Session

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The Humboldt County Planning Division held a public scoping session on September 9 to discuss proposed zoning changes and a General Plan Amendment for the Southern Humboldt Community Park.  The proposed zoning includes: (1) 305 acres as Agriculture Exclusive with a public recreation land use designation;  (2) 96 acres as Public Facilities with a public recreation land use designation; and (3) three to five acres for multi-family residential housing.  Commercial or nonprofit events with amplified music; performing arts events and facilities; sports fields; specialty camping; and other uses are proposed within the Public Facilities zone.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Humboldt Cannabis Forum July 24, 2010

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Humboldt Cannabis: A future of opportunity

The Humboldt Medical Marijuana Advisory Panel is a community-based nonpartisan policy group created to foster comprehensive approaches to legal marijuana policy, integrating health, safety, economic, and regulatory issues in Humboldt County, California and the United States.

HuMMAP speaks for the interests of legal marijuana growers, patients, caregivers, distributors and support services across Humboldt County.
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