VISION Statement - Redwood Community Radio envisions a community of listeners who, guided by the example of RCR programming, work together to create better, more just and sustainable world systems, to ensure that all humans and other living species on earth move toward a higher quality of life, and are able to survive challenges in the times ahead.
MISSION - Redwood Community Radio will encourage a communication center of open airways (KMUD) for all voices to inform, educate, entertain and inspire the listening community through quality programming.
Redwood Community Radio - Board of Directors
Mar. 3, 2015 – 3:30 pm
Healy Senior Center, Redway, CA
A note from the Secretary ~ So that it can be more quickly located, language
dealing with motions and how Board members voted appears in bank gothic font. (See the pdf version of the original minutes for this feature.)
I.Call to order: Meeting ground rules; opening comments from the Vice-President.
II.Roll call: MEMBERS’ REPS – Julia Minton, Cody “Comfy” Dillon. PROGRAMMERS’ REPS – Bud Rogers, Secretary Jack Frybulous, Vice-president Dan Murphy. BOARD-APPOINTED – Christine Doyka, Mark Marchese. [Our search for a Treasurer may have ended!] Station Manager Jeanette Todd (ex-officio). Absent: President Siena Klein.
III.Approval of February minutes was postponed after they were withdrawn from consideration.
IV.Approval of agenda – All of several alterations made to the agenda – remove Consent Calendar from consideration; appoint Richard Parrish to Northern CAB; Closed session – Personnel issues; key policy and building access; transitional budget; board and staff retreat 2015; Fair Access to Airwaves; and anti-bullying and election policies – were unanimously approved. 
V.Open time – Visitors: Simon Frech, Sarah Scudder. Simon expressed sadness there was no party for BR.
VI.Management report – The road will be closed for this year’s Block Party! Volunteers are needed for Summer Arts. Mateel has agreed to waive our SAMF/ROTR coffee booth fees, $2300. New bumper stickers may be on the way. Nella has completed her database-related work. Apr. 1 is the latest that Audited Financial Statements can go out. Hiring Com. being created to identify Terri Klemetson’s replacement.
VII.Discussion / questions for Management – Jack reminded the board about the costs and the work involved in closing the road. Talk about parking space for handicapped. Cody asked to get more info on each of the items listed there. Christine suggested tackling one per month, while Jeanette reminded us about finances.
VIII.Consent calendar
A. Fair Access to Airwaves – 2nd consideration. This item was removed from the consent calendar for discussion.
IX.Finance Com. report – Siena chaired the Feb. 17 meeting (see pp. 36-38).
X.Unfinished business
A. Automation project – Simon has submitted more info about this proposal (approx. cost $6200). Dan asked about down-the-road costs, and learning-curve. Julia said she wanted to make sure we’re on solid footing before voting to approve (and pointed out the lack of a balance sheet in this month’s packet). JT: Fitch fund contains $55K. JT asked Simon if this would be the project to fund over the next 3 years. Simon: hard question.
Dan moved to table, Jack seconded; Unanimously approved.
B. Database project – Nella has communicated that her end of this project is complete; the new db will allow greater access to staff and volunteers doing all kinds of mailings.
C. Cuzzin Marc budget – Mateel will donate hall, and would run the bar (in the event the hall-rental fee is waived); Babette will do kitchen for us; and door, sound, lights and band are free. Discussion of the cost to rent hall ($350) vs. paying it and running the bar. Arrange security. Bud volunteered for a tweener spot. Dan continues the discussion with Mateel staff tomorrow. 
D. Board / staff retreat – travel May 21-23 to KVMR not as a conference but as a retreat. $100 per person. Half the staff are willing to go, half willing to stay and keep station open. Dan, Julia and Mark can’t go. Bud was unsure; Cody is interested; Jack is going.
XI.New business
A. Board recruitment and communication – To be discussed at the Board self-retreat: exit-interviews with previous Board members, and supporting them in the creation of their own group; year-round recruitment of replacement Board members, etc.
B. Appoint Elections Com – Jack (as 2nd year Programmer Rep) volunteered to run Programmer elections (per policy). Mark volunteered to be Overseer. Siena might run Member elections.
C. Approval process re: Board committees – New policy 2.4.1 (p. 17) is an attempt to address the lack of documentation existing around how members join committees. Julia: committee chairs have appointed people; committees should still be allowed to comprise themselves; not do committee work at the Board level; and trust that committee chairs will do what’s required.
Dan moved to table, Jack seconded. No vote was taken on this motion.
D. Report survey results from Appreciation ballots – information is contained in the packet. Dan and Terri are working on news-related results.
E. Fair Access to Airwaves – see p. 15.
Jack moved to approve, Bud seconded; unanimously approved.
F. Appoint Richard Parrish to Northern CAB.
Dan moved to approve, Jack seconded; Unanimously approved.
G. Building access and key. Change alarm code.
Dan moved that JT create a key inventory, and change alarm code. Christine seconded. Unanimously approved.
H. Policy: anti-harassment, -bullying, -violence (p. 16). Cody suggested (and Jeanette had reported) that a form for complainants to submit needs to be produced. Jack wondered if this was a Board responsibility. Julia thought that situations with people who felt unsafe might not be appropriate for Mediation, but that in most extreme circumstances, people [with personal-safety concerns] could seek to go the Board, but that approaching the Station Manager [or] Mediation Com. are preferred first steps. On behalf of prospective complainants, Bud called for making potential pathways and parties clear, that would inform someone if they had violated a protocol. Cody pointed out the proposed Steps 1 and 2 (Submit complaint; and meet with Manager [or Board, when Manager is the subject of any complaint]) were contained within Step 3 (Follow Problem-Solving Procedure).
Jack moved to send back to Policy for more work; unanimously approved.
I. Election process – suggesting that Policy have both Member and Programmer elections run at the same time (not a month apart). Jack asked Policy to ascertain what any negative fall-out from such a change might be. It seemed to be the Board’s consensus to send this back to Policy, although no motion was made.
Possible Treasurer-to-be Sarah Scudder was greeted and thanked for coming. Julia outlined for her Treasurer job duties: chairing the Finance Com., incl. preparing agendas; monthly Treasurer’s reports submitted to the Board [by the Treasurer, or anyone she delegates]; and overseeing the annual budget process (incl. a mid-year budget review). Jeanette added: attend Board meetings!
Bud moved to approve a transitional contingency fund up to $15K to be withdrawn from the Fitch Estate. Dan seconded.
Motion passed, 5-1. Yea: Bud, Christine, Dan, Jack, Mark. Nay: Comfy. Abstained: Julia.
XII.Committee Reports
A.Programmers’ Reps.
B.Members’ Reps.
C.Community Advisory Boards
D.Correspondence Secretaries
i.Pledge Drive
H.Emergency Preparedness
I.Management Evaluation
Schedule - monthly meeting times of Committees
Unless otherwise noted, all meetings take place at KMUD, 1144 Redway Dr., Redway, CA.
If you plan on attending a meeting, it would be wise to confirm no changes have taken place.
M.Board of Directors 1st Tues., 3:30 pm (Healy Sr. Ctr.)
N.Development Tues., Mar. 10 – and 1st Mon. – 1 pm
O.Finance Tues., Mar. 10, 3 pm
P.Executive 2nd Tues., 11:30 am
Q.Policy 3rd Mon., 3 pm
R.Board talk show Wed., Apr. 8
S.Program Selection 2nd + 4th Tues., 1 pm
T.Board / Staff meeting3rd Tues. (April)
Meeting over at 7:45. 40-minute meal break.
Agenda submitted by the Secretary 7 Apr., 2015.
VISION Statement - Redwood Community Radio envisions a community of listeners who, guided by the example of RCR programming, work together to create better, more just and sustainable world systems, to ensure that all humans and other living species on earth move toward a higher quality of life, and are able to survive challenges in the times ahead.
MISSION - Redwood Community Radio will encourage a communication center of open airways (KMUD) for all voices to inform, educate, entertain and inspire the listening community through quality programming.
Redwood Community Radio - Board of Directors
Tues., Feb. 3, 2015 – 3:30 pm
Healy Senior Center, Redway, CA
A note from the Secretary ~ Beginning with these minutes and from now on, language about motions will appear in a different font, so that this information (including how the Board voted) may be more quickly located. (You can download a pdf version of the original minutes, this text version does not support the different font feature.)
I.Call to order: Meeting ground rules; opening comments from the President.
II.Roll call:  MEMBERS’ REPS – President Siena Klein, Parliamentarian Cody “Comfy” Dillon. PROGRAMMERS’ REPS – Bud Rogers, Secretary Jack Frybulous, Vice-president Dan Murphy. Station Manager Jeanette Todd (ex-officio). Absent: Members’ Rep Julia Minton, Mark Marchese. Christine Doyka arrived at 4. Search to identify a Treasurer is ongoing.
III.Approval of January minutes. Jack moved to approve, Bud seconded. Unanimously approved (5 votes).
IV.Approval of agenda. Siena asked that Board Self-Evaluation Retreat be added to New Business. Jeanette asked that two items be added: 2015 Spectacular! Spectacular! [S!S!] budget, and responses to Open Time and to CAB reports. Jack moved to approve the amended agenda, Cody seconded. unanimously approved (5 votes).
V.Open time - Emily Hobelmann and Emma Nation present. Emma advocated creation of an anti-bullying policy. Jeanette replied briefly, in agreement. At Jeanette’s suggestion,
Jack moved that the Policy Com. be directed to add language regarding workplace bullying, violence, and harassment. Bud seconded. Unanimously approved (6 votes).
VI.Management report – Jeanette outlined her report, referring to information contained in the packet. Highlights included plans for the next Silent Drive letter; BoD appointments to Elections Com. in March; and a major tabling blitz planned for Apr – May.
VII.Discussion / questions for Management – Bud asked how one gets on (and expressed interest in joining) the Pledge Drive Com. Jeanette suggested submission of a letter of intent.
Dan moved that Policy be directed to look into how people get assigned to or approved for Committee work. Jack seconded. Motion approved, 5-0. Yea: Bud, Christine, Dan, Jack, Siena. Abstained: Cody.
VIII.Consent calendar
A. Fairness Doctrine – 1st consideration. Jack asked what issue had precipitated the addition of the language about talk show hosts answering callers off-air, and suggested that (except for this), he was ready to approve. Jeanette recalled a show where – because more than one caller had gone off on tangents – the sheriff had only had time to answer 3 questions, while the lines were lit up with other callers. Jeanette had sent it back for more work to Policy, esp. since several drafts had so recently appeared. Bud felt the language was unnecessary, that hosts already have this freedom. Cody felt that “language not being needed” wasn’t a good reason to postpone consideration.
Cody moved that we vote for approval as-is. Bud seconded. the motion passed, 4-2. Yea: Bud, Christine, Cody, Jack. Nay: Dan, Siena.
B. Programmers’ Agreement – 1st consideration.
Jack moved we approve the consent calendar; Christine seconded; approved, 4-1. Yea: Christine, Cody, Bud, Jack. Nay: Dan. Abstained: Siena.
IX.Finance Com. report – from Jan. 20 submitted for review. Will need to look again at budget for staff training. Jeanette will look into where other radio stations get their funding from.
X.Unfinished business
A. revise Management Eval procedure. Dan’s proposals were submitted to committee, but proposed revisions were rejected. Dan: We’ll continue with existing procedure. An evaluation form will be distributed to staff, and another one to Programmers, Volunteers, Members. Completion expected in April.
B. update: search for a Treasurer. Another candidate has declined, and Jeanette is working on another. Jack will follow up with someone he knows who works up Island Mountain way. Bud has also approached someone. Cody suggested filling 9th seat with anyone; Jack argued saving it for someone qualified to be treasurer.
C. streamlining Elections process. Dan read Marcy’s report aloud. Bud moved we direct Policy to streamline this process; Dan seconded. Unanimous.
D. Vice-President job description (neither policy nor a by-law). Jeanette thought overseeing CABs should be a Members’ Rep duty. Dan moved to approve; Bud seconded. Unanimous.
E. Update: database project – All data ready to go to Donor Snap! It’s hoped RCR will have a new db fully functional by the Spring drive.
XI.New business
A. Budget for Cuzzin Marc event, Apr 4 at the Mateel. Dan requested that KMUD fund the Kitchen and Bar, possibly lights, sound and hall rental. Michael Jacinto has been asked to MC. Babette will do kitchen. Bud moved to direct Dan to develop this idea, and present at next Board meeting. Christine seconded. Unanimously approved.
B. Rivendell Automation proposal. Dan and Bud expressed reservations: that the system might be mis-used, substituting for live DJs (Dan) or that it adds complexity (Bud). Jeanette agrees with Cynthia that we do need a system to replace our reliance on iTunes, and to get what we want from our library. Jack thought we should go forward but, with Cody, expressed concerns about paying for it. Ask Simon for alternative proposals, or a demonstration? Cody suggested a field-trip to a station using the system: customer reviews. Bud asked about hidden training and programming costs? Dan moved to ask Simon to look up alternatives and give us a demo; and (with language added by Siena), that the M. and P. Directors also provide feedback. Bud seconded. Unanimously approved.
C. Larry Bruckenstein is appointed to Grievance Com.
D. Policy on anti-harassment, -bullying, -violence: see Open Time.
E. Board retreat for Self-Evaluation. Siena presented 3 options: plan a retreat (possibly professionally facilitated), or respond to a form corresponding to BoD job descriptions; Christine opted for a retreat. Bud agreed, and proposed Team Building. Retreat to KVMR in May, in conjunction with (but separate from) an NFCB regional summit. Siena will develop or discover templates for Board evaluation. Bud asked to develop a proposal for a short team-building exercise. Christine will contact Hospice for availability; Bud will develop his proposal; Siena will work on an agenda.
F. 2015 S!S! budget – Jeanette: 2014 goal was to break even, but we lost money. Max. capacity was 160 meals. $8K most KMUD would be willing to put down in 2015 as start-up, that (producer) Jennifer Metz would cover upfront costs to ensure the show goes on. Producer’s fee: $3000 (waived if KMUD doesn’t make money), or 10% if the door brings in > $20K. Aim to sell 200 tickets, at $75 / $100 + 8 VIP tables. EPIC had initially been approached to partner with us but their schedule required them to scale back, while still offering us volunteer (incl. working the bar) and promo support! Humboldt Green Week has offered to make S!S! a kick-off event.
Bud moved that an $8K budget for S!S! 2015 be approved. Cody seconded; unanimously approved.
G. Responses to Open Time, CAB reports. President’s job to reply (or assign replies) to Open time participants. Siena would like CAB reports to be reviewed (then posted on the bulletin board) by Member Reps. Jeanette offered to respond to the CAB reports.
Dan moved that Member Reps liaise with CABs. Bud seconded. Unanimously approved.
XII.Committee Reports
A.Programmers’ Reps. Dan said that we Reps would better facilitate the next meeting, that some issues like Programmer IDs (Cynthia in favor) didn’t get discussed as a result.
B.Members’ Reps. Siena: nothing to report. Cody: vibes-checker and stacker needed. Dan asked about processing surveys. JT suggested that Programmer Reps look at News portion; Member Reps look at signal upgrade.
C.Community Advisory Boards. Bettye Etter has submitted a report from the CAB - West. Many got pledge drive news in the mail, but not ballots.
D.Correspondence Secretaries.
E.Development (see Manager’s report)
i.Pledge Drive
F.Policy – see report.
G.Mediation. No news.
H.Emergency Preparedness. Nothing to report.
I.Management Evaluation – 3 Board members, a Programmer / Volunteer rep., and a community member. (See as well Dan’s report.) Emma read a letter in which she stated she was “effectively an assistant manager at KMUD for three years;” and expressed interest in Policy, Mediation, Emergency Preparedness, Mgmt Eval, and Finance committees, and said she would attend as many Development meetings as she was able to. Emma was thanked for her willingness to get involved.
J.Transition. Jeanette: met with BR who asked for eight weeks of training, but agreed on four. March 3. Other jobs for her have been discussed.
K.Elections. Siena: Committee to be formed next month. Members are asked to consider signing up. (Naturally, any BoD member running would be ineligible.)
L.Networking. Siena and Jack will go to Mendocino to increase support in Ft. Bragg and focus on outlying areas. JT: put together a taster/mixer, tabling opportunity.
Schedule - Committee meetings 
Unless otherwise noted, all meetings take place at KMUD, 1144 Redway Dr., Redway, CA.
If you plan on attending a meeting, it would be wise to confirm no changes have taken place.
M.Board of Directors 1st Tues., 3:30 pm (Healy Sr. Ctr.)
N.Development Tues., Feb. 10., 3 pm
O.Executive 2nd Tues., 11:30 am
P.Mgmt Eval 2nd Thurs., Feb. 12, 11 am
Q.Policy 2nd Mon., 10 am
R.Program Selection 2nd + 4th Tues., 1 pm
S.Finance 3rd Tues., 3 pm
T.Board talk show 2nd Wed. (Apr., Jul., Oct., Jan.)
U.Transition Wed., Feb. 18 – 1 pm
V.Board retreat Feb. 25 at noon (Hospice)
W.Board / Staff meeting3rd Tues. (Mar., Jun., Sep., Dec.)
This meeting lasted 3 hrs., 11 minutes, including a ten-minute break.
Agenda submitted by the Secretary 7 Apr., 2015.

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KMUD Block Party May 162015

KMUD Block Party May 16th, 2015 Musical Lineup

12:00 – 12:45 Paul Smolinger's Kids / Sarah Torres
 1:00 – 1:45 Gardner's Band / Bud Rogers
 2:00 – 2:45 Town Square Review
 3:00 – 3:45 Gary Stewart / Lyne Einwechter
 4:00 – 4:45 April Moore and the Ranch Party Band
 5:00 – 5:45 Darryl Cherney and friends
 6:00 – 6:45 Peter Childs and Chris McCurdy
 7:00 – 7:45 Three Legged Dog
 8:00 – 8:45 Marjo Wilson Band
 9:00 – 9:45 Mimur
 10:00 – 10:45 The Ultra Secret Organization of the Good Guys

VISION Statement - Redwood Community Radio envisions a community of listeners who, guided by the example of RCR programming, work together to create better, more just and sustainable world systems, to ensure that all humans and other living species on earth move toward a higher quality of life entertain, and are able to survive challenges in the times ahead.
MISSION - Redwood Community Radio will encourage a communication center of open airways (KMUD) for all voices to inform, educate, and inspire the listening community through quality programming.
Redwood Community Radio - Board of Directors
Jan. 6, 2015 – 3:30 pm
Healy Senior Center, Redway, CA

I. Call to order: Meeting ground rules; opening comments from the President
II. Roll call: MEMBERS’ REPS – President Siena Klein, Julia Minton, Cody Dillon. PROGRAMMERS’ REPS – Secretary Jack Frybulous, Vice-president Dan Murphy, [one vacancy]. BOARD-APPOINTED – Christine Doyka, Mark Marchese. [Search to identify a Treasurer ongoing.] Station Manager Jeanette Todd (ex-officio).
III. Approval of (November) minutes. Jack moved to approve, Dan seconded. Yea: Christine, Cody, Dan, Jack, Siena. Abstained: Julia, Mark. Approved.
IV. Approval of agenda: Add to New Business: 1) Appoint Larry Bruckenstein to a 2nd term, Grievance Committee. 2) Appoint Emma to chair CAB North. Jack moved to approve, Cody seconded. Unanimously approved.
V. Open time – Present: Bettye Etter, Bud Rogers, Cynthia Click, Emma Nation, Jack Flaws, Judith Whitlow, Paul Encimer, Sam Meyers, Simon Frech.
Emma explained that she was present her son former KMUD and WOR-FM programmer Sam Meyers to film the meeting, to be used as KMUD promotional material. She also presented a report from a recent meeting of the CAB North that she had organized. Bettye has been a programmer for 25 yrs, a Board member for three, head of CAB West (6 members); she came to discuss changes in policy re: volunteering. During her first 20 years, volunteers were required to do [she thought] 10-12 hrs/yr. 8 hrs/yr are now being proposed. Two policies she had objected to were passed: that Programmers didn’t need to be members, and that they could not be forced to volunteer. She felt this experiment had gone “horribly”, that we do not have enough volunteers. It’s time to bring back a policy requiring Programmers to volunteer. “We should say [to anyone who objects] thank you for your time served. We’ll get someone who will volunteer, since this is a volunteer station.” Asked for help in counting “Celebration” ballots. Simon introduced a proposal for purchase of an automation system [to replace less reliable over-usage of iTunes], to facilitate playing back pre-recorded material, e.g. promos and PSAs. [Music director Cynthia interjected that a Programmer opening the iTunes store one night shut down the station, and described the proposed system as a money-saving life-saver that could even be run from home.] Simon: From each according to his ability, to each according to his need: [popularized by] Karl Marx. Spoke in favor of volunteer hours, but that we should be flexible. Thought that asking 12 hrs/yr was not a lot. Paul would never sign an agreement with a mandatory element. [Former station manager Michael] Jacinto let Programmers sign their own agreements. Only Programmers know anything about KMUD. They are KMUD; Board and Staff mean very little. No one is aware of spectrum of volunteer opportunities, so they can't be expected to agree to volunteer. Programmers need to be matched with abilities. Telephone volunteers; no one reads emails. Inabilities or inefficiencies of Staff should not be "visited upon" the Volunteers, who should not be called upon to make up for mistakes of staff, who should be used more efficiently before "fingers get waved" at Programmers. Advocated a gentler approach: "we need or expect you to volunteer more time, think about it." "As soon as you tell me I have to do something, I'm not gonna do it. And there's a lot of people like me." Believes sympathy will be with Programmers - who say "Why are we being screwed when we do all this time on our shows?" - not with the Board. Dan replied that we are open to editing the Agreement; the word “mandatory” was never used. Siena pointed out a list of volunteer opportunities is being made up. Jack Flaws: Programmers should stop blocking progress; have more respect for the manager. Jeanette read into the record Kelley Lincoln’s comment that there should be more time on the Programmers’ Agreement, not less. And one from Agnes Patak, who is in favor of required volunteer time for Programmers. A statement regarding station finances written by Jama Chaplin was read [see addendum]. Siena suggested that a reply to Jama could come out of the next Finance meeting; Julia said that Jeanette had addressed Jama’s points in an email, and [in reply to Jama’s request that year-end financials be considered] pointed out that policy calls for the Board to approve the Budget by Dec. 1, that the budget had never been approved on time. Jeanette hoped that the Board would feel confident to vote since members had been participating in the budget-making and –review process.
VI. Management report Vacation paid out, COLA instated. Payroll and tax deposits are on par for wrap-up and transmission to auditor. Networking Com. will use the Celebration Appreciation (Jan. 15) as our regularly scheduled opportunity to solicit Board and CAB members. We did a live-stream at the Emerald Cup, which gave us a $3000 gift. $900 in merch sold. Can we do fewer than 4 drives and still raise $250K/yr? Mateel Manager Justin Crellin will approach his Board for leniency on festival fees KMUD is charged. Julia: update on donor base transfer. Nella is out of town for about three weeks. The transfer from the old to the new db is very close to happening. ACTION – ask Nella submit invoice for donation of her services (for enhanced CPB funding). Jeanette: Our license renewal, due last August, has an enforcement hold, due to a 2011 listener-complaint about something a DJ said. CPB has changed the way they pay out. 2nd disbursement now comes after Audited Financial Report is submitted, ours usually completed by June or July. Terri suggested a Hiring Com, including a community member, to ID her replacement, who should be in place by August.
VII. Discussion / questions for Management Cody asked about our moving the Public File online. Jeanette said the FCC is looking into this, but no changes yet. Jack asked if KMUD might benefit from KHSU’s approach to drives (“hitting listeners over the head with successive drives,” then asking them to phone in their donations during a much shorter drive). [Former Board member] Marcy [Stein] seems willing to continue work on the Transition Com.

VIII. Consent calendar
A. COLA – 2nd consideration.
B. Newsroom autonomy, policy 7.2. – 2nd consideration.
C. Policy on use of reserves – 2nd consideration, with last word changed to “proposal.”
D. Marcy Stein’s resignation is confirmed
E. Committee appointments

IX. Finance Com. report ACTIONS – Staff is requested to separate car- from cash-donations. Julia sat with Robie for over 2 hours, thinks that some of our financial history could be re-visited and de-mystified, which she doesn’t think she can do, since she’s been in the middle of it; she’s unaware of questions people have, or what could be further clarified.
X. Unfinished business
A. Fairness Doctrine (see JT for proper draft version). Most recent edit was that complaints must be submitted in writing. Jeanette suggested it be tabled. Jack so moved, Dan seconded, passed unanimously.
B. Revising Management Evaluation procedures. Dan suggests two different evaluations, the one we use now which takes months, plus a shorter evaluation that staff and Board members would do annually. This committee meets Jan. 14, 4 pm. Dan moved to table, Julia seconded. Unanimous.
C. Vice-president’s job description. Tabled, but “taking notes at Board meetings on behalf of those absent, and overseeing CABs” will be added. Dan moved to table, Julia seconded, unanimous.
D. Stream-lining elections process. Policy working on this, reviewing Marcy’s recently submitted report. Jack moved to table, Julia seconded, unanimously passed.
E. Budget approval. In recent years, the Board annually approved a revised budget; total wages needs further review. The expense portion is what it takes (i.e., the minimum) to run the station. Reducing more than what’s here would be noticeable to everyone, incl. listeners. Dan moved to approve, Christine seconded, passed unanimously. Cody pointed out that the amount for news stringers (line 63) had been reduced $5000, but not included in this draft; so added. Dan moved to approve the budget, Christine seconded. Discussion: Jack asked Julia to address Jama’s observations; she felt that she had already done so. Jeanette replied. Jack asked how much year-end cash we had: Jeanette said $169,249. Unanimously approved. Julia pointed out that policy dictates a mid-year budget review.
F. Programmers’ Agreement. A comprehensive list of volunteer opportunities including about 75 items is being finished. Jeanette pointed out that the Agreement was mostly written by Programmers! And a lot of it is what the FCC requires of us when we are on the air. It is not the programmers’ choice to write any kind of agreement they want. She is not personally committed to any language, and does not want a hard-line. (Historical perspective: JT said Jim Keyser said that the Agreement comes from the time after the FCC no longer required programmers to have an FCC license, and to have on them when on-air proof of their having been certified.) Due to the upcoming Programmers’ Meeting, Jack moved to table; Dan seconded, passed unanimously.
G. Search for a Treasurer – update. Dan suggests ACTION – sending to Policy a re-write of the Treasurer’s job description. ACTION – Re-start promos for Treasurer, CABs.

XI. New business
Note: Julia departed 40 minutes prior to meeting’s end.
A. Cuzzin Marc Memorial fund-raiser. Dan suggests making this more of a local event, rather than spending a lot of money to get someone like George Clinton. Cody suggested getting him to do an interview. NPK, Motherlode, New Master Sounds, Camo Cowboys. The Mateel has been booked for April 4.
B. After a secret ballot, Bud Rogers is appointed as a Programmer’s Rep to serve out Marcy’s term. Jack said for the record that some Programmers felt they had not been approached regarding this vacancy; Bud was approached because of the interest in serving he showed by running in the last election. Bud reminded the Board that both he and Marcy Stein had expressed an interest in serving after Nella resigned, and the Board had at that time chosen Marcy. Bud had previously served 3 years, just prior to the signal upgrade.
C. Appoint Larry Bruckenstein (Dan: former game warden, highly respected individual, his neighbor) to a 2nd term on Grievance Com. Jack so moved, Christine seconded, unanimously approved.
D. Appoint Emma to chair northern CAB. Jack moved, Dan seconded; unanimously approved.

XII. Committee Reports
A. Programmers’ Reps. – Programmers’ meeting Jan. 24, 1 pm.
B. Members’ Reps. Info from survey coming shortly.
C. Community Advisory Boards. Emma’s report was submitted. Bettye to supply one Feb. 6. Dan says Suzie in Ft. Bragg is excited to get started.
D. Correspondence Secretaries
E. Development: The bequest brochure is being worked on, to be coupled with on-air promotions, how to get more participation through targeted monthly campaigns coupled with trainings and workshops.
i. Pledge Drive
F. Policy
G. Mediation
H. Emergency Preparedness – A quote was solicited from Green Wired to enhance solar system re: emergency prep to handle a loss of power. Cody said Simon said we own a ham radio, and asked if we should organize a training.
I. Management Evaluation – Four of the 5 members will attend the next meeting.
J. Transition
K. Elections start with the Board appointing an Election Com at its March meeting.
L. Networking – outreach to Shelter Cove, and at Celebration Appreciation: each Board member will approach five prospective Treasurer candidates.

XIII. Schedule - monthly meeting times of Committees
Unless otherwise noted, all meetings take place at KMUD, 1144 Redway Dr., Redway, CA.
If you plan on attending a meeting, it would be wise to confirm no changes have taken place.
A. Board of Directors 1st Tues., 3:30 pm – Healy Senior Center
B. Development 1st Mon., 3 pm
C. Executive 2nd Tues. – Jan. 13 – 11:30 am
D. Finance 3rd Tues. – Jan. 20 – 3 pm
E. Policy 2nd Mon. – Jan. 12 – 10 am
F. Board talk show Jan. 14 – Dan, Bud, Jack
G. Board / Staff meeting 3rd Tues. – Jan. 27 – 10:30 am
H. Program Selection 2nd and 4th Tuesdays, 1 pm
I. Transition Com. Fri., Jan. 9, 10 am
This meeting lasted 3 hrs., 12 mins.
Minutes submitted by the Secretary 9 Feb., 2015

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Interim Station Manager

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Sydney Morrone

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News Department

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 Shira Brown

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KMUD has been relying on volunteers for most of its programs, and for much of the operation for its over 27 year history. On January 17, KMUD held its annual Volunteer Appreciation and Celebration Party at

Redwood Community Radio - Board of Directors
Nov. 11, 2014 – 3:30
Healy Senior Center, Redway, CA
I.Call to order: Meeting ground rules; opening comments from the President
II.Roll call: MEMBERS’ REPS – President Siena Klein, Julia Minton, Cody “Comfy” Dillon. PROGRAMMERS’ REPS – Marcy Stein, Secretary Jack Frybulous, Vice-president Dan Murphy. BOARD-APPOINTED – Mark Marchese, Christine Doyka. [The search to identify a Treasurer goes on.] Station Manager Jeanette Todd (ex-officio).
III.Approval of (October) minutes. Jack moved, Christine seconded, unanimously approved.
IV.Approval of agenda. Comfy moved to add closed session to agenda to discuss personnel issues; Dan seconded; unanimously approved.  
V.Open time. Present – Jack Monschke, Jackie Pantaleo, Jill Girard, Julie Hill, Molly Sinoway, Rae Shiraishi, Rick Cooper, Robie Tenorio, Ruth Goulie, Sarah Tittmann.
KMUD producer Robie Tenorio expressed concern about the sustainability of Redwood Community Radio [RCR]; frustration with difficulty of getting answers to questions; uncertainty of how what happened at the time of the signal upgrade is affecting RCR’s current finances. She also found the art on the new tote bag to be offensive. Jill Girard asked that a decision be made soon regarding Rick Cooper’s [RC] continued involvement with RCR; she has stopped contributing to RCR as a form of rebellion. Molly Sinoway said she was there due to RC’s presence on-air; said many of the women there had also struggled on deciding how to handle RC: they wrote him letters, and organized an educational program at Salmon Creek School [SCS] on pedophilia; thanked RCR for starting a complicated process. Rae Shiraishi [former admin SCS] said she was sad to withdraw her support of RCR due to RC’s being on-air, added that RCR was really valuable to the community. Julie Hill said she did not want to hear RC’s voice, but expressed horror at censorship of programmers being told who they could not have on-air; she said programmers should be better informed of the community’s concerns; having RC advocate youth programs felt insulting; said she knows many people who turn off KMUD, sometimes for weeks, when they hear his voice; concerned about RCR’s losing support by having him on-air; said it was painful to hear people bad-mouth KMUD, and hopes for a creative solution. Ruth Goulie said she endorsed what had been said, as did Sarah Tittmann, who added her thanks for all that RCR does for the community. Jack Monschke also said he supported the women, had been friends with RC; that dialog to start a process of dealing with RC was a huge first step, as was healing for residents of Salmon Creek; said he was there in support of RCR as well as of RC. Jackie Pantaleo [past Board member] talked about public radio’s mandate: to give voice to community members; that even the Klan has a right to the airwaves. Asked if RCR were taking away a person’s voice due to alleged behavior, or opinions. Said what had been discussed had nothing to do with RCR or its policies. Described as horrifying RCR’s being manipulated by the threat of funds withheld in order to squelch an individual’s rights to the airwaves. Better fiscal oversight could prevent risky investments. Rick Cooper [past Board member] said he’d been harassed for years; had gone through a process to resolve allegations, claimed that that issue was legally and socially finished. Regretted KMUD was being put in the middle. Said RCR should adhere to its values or change them. Molly objected to RC’s use of “harassment” to describe their actions. Siena clarified that “as a radio station I don't think that we are the people who are going to resolve this issue with the community, obviously. [His] being on the air is the issue.”
VI.Management report – An EEO report is due in our public file, but we are not required to file electronically with FCC. Extra effort to get our CABs to meet in December. Programmer meeting moved to Dec. 10. ACTION – planning for next Networking Com. mixer. Last Staff / Board meeting went quite well, minutes are on the way. Tech report on p. 12. FCC “enforcement hold” on license renewal. Emerald Cup [EC] to be live-streamed online, will not be broadcast live on-air. EC donated $3000. Now aiming for two major events per year. Still aiming for $250K in pledges, based on est. receipt of $205K. Most successful Halloween Boogie @ the Mateel ever, brought in $11K for KMUD; Arcata bash also a huge success, although Nov. 1 event was a disaster. Bar at Lost Coast Gallery opening in Trinidad netted $1000, and met > 500 new people: best KMUD outreach event she’d ever been to. Lynette Myers’ fund-raiser: Mark reported that KMUD’s bar took in $550. Silent Drive brought in $28K, Fall drive so far $80K. Lights needed in Music Library and the two offices. Nella will work with Beth on Donor Snap after Beth returns from two weeks’ leave.
First two disbursements of CPB grant for 2015, totaling about $100K, have arrived, Finance should look at how much to put in CDs. 2015 award = $135K. Open hiring for BR’s underwriting position to begin this week, and last for two months. Open hiring for Terri’s position begins in April, to wrap in August.
Cynthia Click: Work on a new Programmers’ Agreement ongoing, and delivered a new draft. Marcy asked if programming review was still happening; it is. Julia reminded CC of need for signature of parent / guardian in case of minor programmers. Jack suggested we be clear what the repercussions will be for programmers who fail to attend one meeting in a year.
VII.Consent calendar
Discussion of confusion over items A – C, due to competing drafts found in the packet, and in the agenda. Dan moved we approve items B and D. Comfy seconded; unanimously approved. Items A and C are tabled, but Item C was taken up again later in the meeting.
A. Policies 6.10, 6.10.1, 6.10.2: Fairness Doctrine (aka “Fair Access to the Airwaves”) – 2nd consideration. 6.10 ~ Programmers can say (in decent language) what they think, although with some exceptions, including: endorsements of ballot measures and political candidates (including themselves); initiating talk about KMUD issues without first informing KMUD Management; and personal messages. Talk show hosts and engineers when on-air represent RCR, and as such are “the voice of KMUD.” They not only need to carefully choose their words, but must also be knowledgeable about relevant FCC, CPB and RCR policies and procedures. Talk show hosts must give other sides a fair shake. This means that talk shows (other than regularly scheduled news programs) are encouraged to include and expose all sides of an issue. At least 25% (ideally 50%) of the time of each call-in talk show will be open to callers. (The Public Affairs Program Director may make exceptions to this, for example when a host needs to pre-record a show, or produce a show with an alternate format.) Hosts of call-in shows shall make a statement early in the show that everyone is welcome to call in. Hosts must allow all callers to express themselves on the show, especially those with opposing views. However, talk show hosts may at the start broadcast a message describing another format, such as “This show will take comments and questions, but will answer callers off-air.” Opposing views are not required to receive equal airtime; only a reasonable amount of time. Engineers will disconnect callers who use “the seven dirty words” [piss, shit, fuck, cunt, tits, cocksucker, motherfucker] or express obscene or indecent imagery, and then briefly explain to listeners what happened. Engineers generally need to refrain from adding their own content to the show, and should generally remain neutral. However, a host may invite the engineer to contribute their thoughts, with clear parameters. Engineers should never deliver the last words of a show’s content. They should also not be expressing their views while callers are on hold. 6.10.1 ~ Program proposals shall be submitted to Program Directors, and will be acknowledged in a timely manner (for example, within two weeks of the next meeting of the Program Selection and Review Council). RCR seeks to achieve a balance of diverse programming that encompasses the RCR Mission Statement. 6.10.2 ~ Any unresolved issues and all grievances regarding RCR Fair Access to the Airwaves must be submitted in writing, and should follow the RCR Problem Solving Procedure [policy 5.1.5].
B. Policy 7.6.1: Children at the station ~ Redwood Community Radio encourages children and other youth to participate in programming, and a positive family environment, both inside and outside the station. A parent or other designated adult will supervise all children inside the station, including when programming. If the on-air programmer feels like children present in the station are disrupting or interrupting the broadcast or related activities, then RCR supports their right to ask the parent responsible for the children to remove them, and will do so in a way that is in alignment with KMUD's Family Values.
C. Policies 5.4.7 and Vacation – 2nd consideration. 5.4.7 ~ Redwood Community Radio is bound by our own Mission Statement and ethical values to support fair treatment of employees including a living wage and other benefits. The Board considers the lack of any health or dental coverage for employees as a critical factor. Since health or dental coverage does not appear financially feasible in the near future, time off becomes the essential benefit: a key component to healing, stress management, and holistic health. All calculations are based on a ‘full time’ 40-hour per week schedule. Other employee schedules are to be prorated. This policy replaces and supersedes all earlier policies. The changes are not retroactive, that is, time accrued before the date of the passage of this policy shall not be affected. ~ Vacation time accrues from the first day of employment and can be used after the completion of thirty days of employment. Vacation time must be accrued before it can be used. The accrual factor is based upon a 40-hour work week. 8 days for the first year, 10 days the second year, 15 days after 5 years and 20 days per year thereafter. There will be a limit of one year of unused vacation time earnings for the year that the vacation day is based upon. Unused vacation days will be paid out each December. Vacation days may only be converted to a cash payout upon separation. RCR strongly encourages each paid employee to use vacation time each year. The intent is 1) that each employee actually gets an annual rest; and 2) that prolonged absences not negatively impact RCR. Exempt employees will accrue vacation hours based on actual hours worked. Notification: Employees will communicate with the Station Manager before approval of vacation plans. The Station Manager is required to notify the Board of his/her vacation plans before approval. Four weeks notice is recommended. Exceptions may be made in unusual circumstances.
D. Board officer appointments: Siena Klein, President; Dan Murphy, Vice-president; Jack Frybulous, Secretary; Treasurer [vacant]. 
VIII.Finance Committee report
Julia: budget process has begun, but was unable to follow up with previous two meetings. Budget work continues; creative thinking needed around revenue streams and expenses.
IX.Unfinished business
A. Policy on use of reserves, with new language. Comfy moved to pass; Dan seconded. 6 in favor; Jack abstained; Mark was absent. Reserve Fund policy 4.11 reads: The Board shall maintain a Reserve Fund in its own bank account. The Board shall work to increase the reserve annually. Policy 4.11.1 reads: The Board shall review the balance annually, as a component of the budget review process. In order to use these funds, Management must submit a written proposal to the Board, including a repayment plan, and the Board must approve this proposal. FIRST APPROVAL.
B. Elections – need programmers’ portion. Marcy’s report submitted. Elections process needs to be further stream-lined.
C. Revision of Mgmt Eval procedures [policy 5.4.3]. Tabled till next BoD meeting.
D. Newsroom autonomy, policy 7.2. RCR is an independent media radio station. The newsroom needs to have a certain amount of autonomy to ensure journalism ethics can be practiced at the highest possible level. This means monetary gain shall never be a consideration when reporting. No RCR member or other community member shall ever have any input into the daily news with intent to sway the content to gain any edge, preferential treatment or immunity from factual reporting. The RCR membership does not own the news, in terms of owning any ability to shade or change the facts. RCR shall make no policy infringing the freedom of the press to operate.
Dan moved to approve, Jack seconded; unanimously approved. FIRST APPROVAL.
E. Vice-president’s job description. Tabled.
X.New business
A. 1st draft 2015 budget is not yet ready. Board commitment to personal fund-raising? Jack began by reminding members of what they’d said at the last meeting (Oct. New business, item F). Siena: It’s not policy. JT: it’s a loose agreement, a goal. Julia: creative ways needed to raise revenue. Jack: both Christine and Comfy asked about certain volunteer activities counting; we should bring in cash, whether it’s from new members or not. Marcy: put on Board agreement. Renew at beginning of year? Table once a year: connect with Networking. Hit up people who need tax reductions at end of year. Use of bequests is being looked into. Comfy suggested we do a Funk-Fest near Cuzzin Marc’s birthday in April.
B. Appointments to Mgmt Eval Com – 5 candidates: Angela Zane, Christine Doyka, Dan Murphy, Julia Minton, Siena Klein. Siena: re-appoint? The board made a plan for who would be on this committee in September. All committee appointments will be formalized at the next board meeting. JT: The evaluation process is cumbersome, and we have talked about it in some way at each of the last several meetings. JT knows of a manager who is evaluated by a Board president, and asked the Board to consider this. MEC meets Dec. 18.
C. Syndication policy is still being worked on.
D. 2015 Programmers’ Agreement will be discussed by email. 
E. Appreciation Celebration (Friday, Jan. 16) budget. We feed 200 people. Cost last year $2000; try to do it for $1000 for food this year, and get the rest donated. Dan moved we approve a $1000 budget, Jack seconded, unanimously approved.
F. Policy re: end-of-year payout / vacation policy 5.7.4 and JT clarified that text in Consent Calendar item C is correct. $15K in accrued vacation time was paid out last year. Jack moved we approve 5.7.4 and, Dan seconded, unanimously approved. This policy takes effect.
G. Fund-raising and outreach 2015 schedule. Do ”Spectacular” with EPIC? Siena: coffee booth needs efficient coordinator, who lives in soHum, loves KMUD, and is responsible. Comfy suggests selling the KMUD right to sell coffee. (JT: Come to Development Com. meeting!) Julia spoke about cash-handling, oversight, liability, etc. Siena asked Julia to supply us with KMUD’s cash handling forms (which Amie adapted from the Mateel). Siena: lanyards with ID for Board members would be great for events.
COLAs overlooked for inclusion in this month’s agenda. A vote for 2nd consideration was taken, Jack moved, Dan seconded; Marcy abstained, all others voted yea. (Julia suggested proper procedure would be to add this to January’s agenda, since policies are to appear on two consecutive agendas.)
A.Programmers’ Reps. – meeting Wed., Dec. 10, 3 pm.
B.Members’ Reps. Discussion of # new members.
C.Community Advisory Boards. Dan has an email out.
D.Correspondence Secretaries
E.Development Com. A clear and easy-to-understand promo (JT) or letter (Jack) explaining KMUD finances will be developed soon.
i.Pledge Drive subcom. Pledge drive trainings should be combined with Programmer meetings.
F.Policy Com.
G.Mediation Com. 
H.Management Evaluation Com.
I.Transition Com.
J.Elections Com.
K.Networking Com.
XII.Schedule - monthly meeting times of Committees
Unless otherwise noted, all meetings take place at KMUD, 1144 Redway Dr., Redway, CA.
If you plan on attending a meeting, it would be wise to confirm no changes have taken place.
A.Board of Directors 1st Tues., 3:30 pm
B.Development Nov. 17, 3 pm + 1st Mon., 3 pm
C.Executive 2nd Tues., 11:30 am
D.Finance Nov. 18, 10 am + 3rd Tues., 3 pm
E.Policy 2nd Mon., noon
F.Board talk show Dan, Jack. 2nd Wed. (Jan., April, Jul., Oct.)
G.Board / Staff meeting3rd Tues. (Jan., Mar., Jun., Sep.)
H.Letter-writing Jack Nov. letter / Comfy Dec.
I.Feed the Board (Jan.)Dan Murphy
This meeting, not counting the break, lasted 3 hrs., 14 mins.
Minutes submitted by the Secretary 9 Jan., 2015
VISION Statement - Redwood Community Radio envisions a community of listeners who, guided by the example of RCR programming, work together to create better, more just and sustainable world systems, to ensure that all humans and other living species on earth move toward a higher quality of life, and are able to survive challenges in the times ahead. MISSION Statement – RCR will encourage a communication center of open airways (KMUD) for all voices to inform, educate, entertain and inspire the listening community through quality programming.
Redwood Community Radio - Board of Directors
Oct. 7, 2014 – 3 pm
Healy Senior Center, Redway, CA
I.Call to order: Meeting ground rules; opening comments from the President
II.Roll call:  MEMBERS’ REPS - President Siena Klein, Julia Minton, Cody “Comfy” Dillon. PROGRAMMERS’ REPS - Vice President Dan Murphy, Marcy Stein, Secretary Jack Frybulous. BOARD-APPOINTED - Christine Doyka, Mark Marchese, [Treasurer seat vacant]. Station Manager Jeanette Todd (ex-officio).
III.Approval of Aug and Sep minutes – Jack moved to approve, Christine seconded; unanimously approved.
IV.Approval of agenda – Siena would like to add to agenda: confirm appointments, and submit committee assignments. Mark brings up how the Board deals with certain individuals, and a closed session was added. Julia moved we approve the agenda, with additions named above, Dan seconded. Yea: 6. Nay: 1 (Jack). Abstained: Comfy.
Center for Car Donations – so far this year we’ve received $13K from this program. Marcy asked if Pacifica affiliation is sliding scale. JT said we’re trying to get a credit for last year’s bill due to not getting FSRN, but expect to pay the full amount of the bill we just received for the coming year. Board members were urged to listen to last Thursday’s show on Pacifica.
V.Open time – Simon Frech spoke about KMUD’s affiliation with Pacifica, and advocated that we continue our affiliation with them.
VI.Management report – Jeanette recommends that we continue with Stacey Edgmon as auditor. $4K to FSRN Board approval and discussion is in Nov, Dec, Jan Board packets. … More of JT’s time taken by pledge drive and arranging grant-writing. Fund-raising events are at this point running themselves without too much involvement, till the day of the event. Intention: two big events per year, suggest we focus on a Spring and Fall event, netting $10K each, then repeat. ACTION – ROTR / Mateel Liaison Group should meet: Mark, Siena, Jeanette and Dan. Julia and Dian have started work on the 2015 budget. / Employers vs. contractors, factors: is the person supervised? given orders? (If so, then they are normally considered to be an employee. So, news-stringers are clearly contractors: they are not told, e.g., how to put together a news report.)
Fund-raising for syndication.
VII.Discussion / questions for Management
VIII.Consent calendar
A. Policy 5.1.6 - Volunteer and Community Member Time Restrictions: 2nd consideration. KMUD recognizes that each individual brings a special skill set to his or her participation time within RCR. To keep RCR healthy, the Board of Directors seeks a broad base of representation from the communities it serves. Volunteers fulfill this need, and to avoid exhausting Volunteerism (burn out) Board Committee participation will be limited. The RCR Board of Directors encourages Volunteers to apply to join and participate in two Board Committees only. Additional consideration by the RCR Board of Directors will be made for Volunteers who are already serving on two Board Committees to additionally join Temporary Board Committees. RCR is in compliance with the annual CPB guidelines for open committee meetings. However, RCR reserves the right to limit participation by visitors, guests, community members, and may choose to address their comments or input at that time, or not.
B. Re: Policy on use of reserves, the Board endorses language created by the Finance Committee in its meetings on 20 May and 3 Jun, 2014: The Board shall maintain a Reserve Fund in its own bank account.  A prudent Reserve for RCR would be at least $100,000.  The Board shall work diligently to increase the Reserve to that level.  The Board shall review the balance annually, by February. In order to use these funds, Management must submit a written proposal to the Board (including a repayment plan), and the Board must approve this proposal.
C. Policy – RCR supports an annual 2% wage increase for all staff: 2nd consideration. This 2% annual cost of living wage increase will be built into the annual budget, which will be reviewed and approved by the Board. This wage adjustment cannot be revoked without valid, ethical, and sound reasoning, and the approval of both Board and staff. In addition, this policy and its intent cannot be removed from the annual budget in order to reduce expenses as a budget-balancing option.
IX.Julia moved to approve A and C; Jack seconded. Julia moved to consider item C separately. Item A approved unanimously.
Re: item B: Policy on use of reserves. Good reserve goal would be ½ budget, or roughly $270K. Julia “concerned about balancing the budget.” Jack moved to send B back to Policy Com; Siena seconded; approved unanimously.
Policy C. Vacation accrual will not be carried over, so that every year begins with a clean slate. COLA : a living wage is something we want to offer. Based on conversations about bonuses. Dan moved to approve this policy after replacing the last two words of the 2nd sentence (and staff) with “with notification to staff” and deleting “both”. Julia seconded; approved unanimously. This policy now reads: This 2% annual cost of living wage increase will be built into the annual budget, which will be reviewed and approved by the Board. This wage adjustment cannot be revoked without valid, ethical, and sound reasoning, and the approval of the Board, and notification to staff. In addition, this policy and its intent cannot be removed from the annual budget in order to reduce expenses as a budget-balancing option.
X.Finance Committee report Julia reports that she met with Dian today: draft budget document coming Friday; next Finance Com meeting chaired by Siena, 3 pm next Tuesday.
XI.Unfinished business
A. Fairness Doctrine – Policy 6.10 has been broken down into 3 sub-sections. Substantive changes: some procedural items were dropped, and “grievances shall be submitted in writing” was added. Julia moved we approve revisions to Fairness Doctrine; Mark seconded; approved unanimously. [Language appears in the packet, p. 33.]
B. Policy 7.6.1 – first consideration of language contained on p. 28. Julia said Programmers’ agreement should include space for parents/guardians to sign indicating responsibility for the youth in their care. Several members seconded; Unanimously approved.
C. Revision of Elections Committee process? Marcy will do a Programmers Election Com report. Mark said we should focus on definition of “member in good standing,” as members who pay in monthly or partial payments are not allowed to vote. [Already in policy: People who volunteer six hours a year can request membership.] Items concerning time-frames and supplies were altered. Marcy’s feedback on the Programmers’ part of elections is needed. Jack moved to table this item; Christine seconded; unanimously approved.
D. Vacation accrual – JT said Dian said that changing 32 to 40 hrs/wk doesn’t change the amount of vacation time approved. Regarding the change for exempt employees, Jack asked if an assessment of the financial impact had been done. Jeanette said it maxes out at 40 hrs/wk, so she could not get additional vacation hours, therefore no impact on KMUD finances. Jack moved to approve both 5.4.7 and unanimously approved.
XII.New business
A. Revision of Mgmt Eval procedures, policy 5.4.3. Dan said the public survey will be re-written, along with a separate survey for Mgmt and staff.
B. Newsroom autonomy, policy 7.2 – Julia moved to approve; Christine seconded. Comfy suggested re-wordings (esp. of the second sentence). Julia withdrew her motion and moved to table; Marcy seconded. Approved unanimously.
C. Policy regarding use of bequests: JT wants language about how their money would be used. Policy Com. will work on this.
D. Vice-president job description (communicate with CABs). Tabled. Approved unanimously.
E. 1st draft 2015 budget. Tabled till next we meet.
F. Report of Board members’ progress toward $1000 donation. Jack moved that reporting by Board members of progress toward their goals be dropped from further consideration. After a 16-minute discussion, Christine seconded. Unanimously approved. ACTION - Comfy suggested further discussion of the agreement on a future agenda, esp. due to its relation to the budget: is it a guide-line, is it a policy? Couldn’t certain volunteer activities count toward the goal? Siena: Are Board members still on board with it? Mark: Is a number attached? Which activities would count toward the goal? Jack: How do we communicate with each other? Team vs. hierarchy. When is taking the initiative unacceptable? Does gender play a role in influencing perceptions of agency? Jeanette: it would be worth it for us to talk about the way we communicate, being careful to avoid negative language, or to create an environment that discourages the participation of others, “if that’s what’s necessary to make people feel inspired to be here.”
The Committees list has been finalized; Siena asks Board members to review for accuracy. Finance Com. membership is a little undefined at this point; Board members are reminded of their obligation to attend all Finance Com. meetings until a Treasurer is on board.
XIII.Committee Reports
A.Programmers’ Reps.
B.Members’ Reps. – Comfy reports a member’s thought: that the Underwriting for marijuana-related goods should be more family-friendly, that KMUD advertises too much marijuana-related activities. Pot ads should not be aired during Kidscentric, for example.
C.Community Advisory Boards – Dan will ask for a report in November, and talk to Jack about a potential CAB in Ft. Bragg.
D.Correspondence Secretaries – Christine was thanked for her contributions to a recent project that required hours of time and effort.
E.Development  – JT: spreadsheet of the year’s activities, incl. possible participation without broadcast in the Emerald Cup, coming in December packet.
i.Pledge Drive
H.Emergency Preparedness 
I.Management Evaluation 
J.Transition – timeframes are in Manager’s report.
L.Networking  – next mixer December. ACTION - What should we do?
XIV.Schedule - monthly meeting times of Committees
Unless otherwise noted, all meetings take place at KMUD, 1144 Redway Dr., Redway, CA.
If you plan on attending a meeting, it would be wise to confirm no changes have taken place.
A.Development 1st Mon., 3 pm
B.Executive 2nd Tues., 1 pm
C.Board of Directors 2nd Tues., 3:30 pm: at the station (Dan to be absent)
D.Policy TBA
E.Board talk show Oct. 8: Dan, Mark, Jeanette, Siena, Comfy. 2nd Wed. (April, Jul., Oct., Jan.)
F.Finance Oct. 14, 3 pm; Oct. 21 following B/S meeting
G.Board / Staff meetingOct. 21, 10:30 – (Jun., Sep., Dec., Mar.)
This meeting started at 3:04 and ended, prior to a closed session, at 6:26.
Agenda submitted by the Secretary on 8 Dec., 2014.
VISION Statement - Redwood Community Radio envisions a community of listeners who, guided by the example of RCR programming, work together to create better, more just and sustainable world systems, to ensure that all humans and other living species on earth move toward a higher quality of life, and are able to survive challenges in the times ahead.
MISSION - Redwood Community Radio will encourage a communication center of open airways (KMUD) for all voices to inform, educate, entertain and inspire the listening community through quality programming.
Redwood Community Radio - Board of Directors
Sep. 9, 2014 – 4 pm
Healy Senior Center, Redway, CA
I.Call to order: Meeting ground rules; opening comments from the President. 
II.Roll call: MEMBERS’ REPS - President Siena Klein (term ends 2016), Julia Minton (2015), Cody “Comfy” Dillon (2017). PROGRAMMERS’ REPS - Marcy Stein (2015), Secretary Jack Frybulous (2016), Vice-president Dan Murphy (2017). BOARD-APPOINTED - Christine Doyka (2017), Mark Marchese (2016). Station Manager Jeanette Todd (ex-officio). President asked Comfy and Dan if they would make sure the Public File, and that postings on bulletin-board are kept up to date. [JT mentioned the new database would be used during Fall pledge drive.]
III.Approval of July, August minutes. Jack moved for approval of July, and to table approval of August minutes. 7 in favor; Dan abstained.
IV.Approval of agenda. Items of new business added: review 3 new policies; heating and cooling quote (in August packet); discussion of budget; correspondence with the Mateel re ROTR; a live-in host; unanimously approved.
V.Outgoing Board member Noel Soucy was thanked. Seat Members and Programmers’ Reps; appoint Board-elected; Preliminary appointment of Board Officers, discussion. Siena agreed to act as Presideant for “a while” longer. Dan agreed to act as VP. Jack agreed to be Secretary one more year. Christine agreed to serve another year as Correspondence Secretary. Board will discuss final appointments and Committee roles at Orientation. JT proposed adding “corresponding with CABs” to VP’s responsibilities.
VI.Open time – [No visitors.]
VII.Management report
CPB-mandated diversity compliance workshop for Board and Staff is tomorrow at Hospice. A Meetings/Communications Calendar was implemented last month (see p. 9 in packet). ACTION - We must get CABs going again; [note: CAB recruitment is a function of the Networking Com., but communication with CABs is a task that has been added to the Vice-president’s plate]. Networking Committee has planned mixer with Chamber of Commerce for 6 pm, Sep. 24, at the Vets’ Hall. Equipment removal quote for Cahto Peak (see p. 33). Verizon has stopped giving service for this area, so we no longer have a phone-link with Pratt Mtn., which urges us to take on an STL (studio-to-transmitter link), for which we received last fall a $3000 quote, solution in solving the HD / analog problems. Kerry Reynolds proposed a temporary tech-writer position for compiling a Procedures Manual for the Tech Director’s (and possibly the Underwriter’s) positions, to be discussed by the Transition committee. Fall Pledge Drive dates have changed, now Oct. 23 – Nov. 5, message: “we want to raise $95K (incl. $20K from Silent Drive) by Nov. 2.” The Fire Drive brought in $30K of a $35K goal. ACTION - JT asks Board members to show our faces at drives, and to act as a kind of cheering squad, and to inspire staff.
In Operations: The need to clarify that a separation exists between KMUD News and the rest of the station: newsroom is autonomous, and strong and clear language regarding the autonomy of newsroom, in line with journalism ethics, is needed. Board asked to give direction to Policy to come up with language. Comfy suggested KMUD News make an occasional disclaimer at the end of some news programs. Marcy suggested the News Dept. make a promo (which they have). JT: “We never want to be like mainstream media, and allow people to buy the news.” Julia moved that Policy Com write a policy regarding the Newsroom’s autonomy, that it cannot be influenced by membership or money. Marcy seconded; unanimously approved.
Removing equipment as required by new owners of Cahto Peak estimated at $1,500. (More info in June-Aug packets.) Employees Terri and BR are both on their way out, Terri by about March; BR’s position will be advertised after the fall drive. JT wonders how we will continue to meet the CPB requirement that we have four FTEs. Get a Treasurer!
VIII.Discussion / questions for Management Jack asked who potential treasurers are: Tracy Thiele, Joyce Yowell (who works as a Sierra Club treasurer), Stephanie Setté (Pledge Drive Com member), Heather Kornberg (has served six years on the Mateel board). Comfy asked how many positions at station need a procedures manual for them. Jack pointed out that when JT mentions Networking Committee actions, she’s talking about actions she herself has implemented.
15-minute pause for dinner, followed by a lengthy discussion of a new Board meeting time. Jack moved that the Board of Directors’ meet from now on at 3 pm (still on 1st Tuesdays), Dan seconded; unanimously approved.
IX.Consent calendar
A. The Board directs KMUD to establish a reserve of $50K + accrued interest in its own credit-union money-market account. 2nd consideration. Julia moved we approve, Christine seconded; 6 in favor; Dan and Comfy abstained.
X.Unfinished business
A. Personnel policy. (No discussion required.)
B. Review 2% annual COLA: Julia moved we accept the annual COLA policy (see p. 30). Christine seconded. Jack pointed out we should figure out where we can add $4600 to the budget. Unanimously approved.
C. Fairness Doctrine (feedback from last Programmers’ meeting). ACTION - The Board directs Policy to examine where we are with regard to Fairness doctrine.
D. Board orientation, Sep. 30, 11 - 2: Networking Com (JT, Christine, Jack) will plan and discuss. Siena suggests assistance from the Dev’t Com.
E. Station upgrades: Heating and cooling, job quote rec’d $11K (see p. 113 Aug. packet). $25K borrowed from the Fitch fund to cover payroll. ACTION - Board requests that JT obtain 2 more bids. 
F. Bi-annual budget approval – Siena: A concern that Finance Com. has not reviewed it. Auditor said she didn’t see in our Minutes any approval of overspending. Mark moved we accept the 2014 adjusted budget. Julia seconded. 6 in favor; Dan and Comfy abstained. ACTION - Jack will report at next meeting Board members’ donations (cash gifts, money in a jar) to date.
G. Plan Networking Committee Mixer (Sep. 24).
H. The two other policies added to the agenda: Julia moved we approve both 5.1.6 (Volunteer and Community Member Time Restrictions), and 7.6.1 (Children inside the Station); Jack seconded. However, a lot of time discussing 7.6.1 led to Jack’s suggestion that Julia adjust her motion: to accept only 5.1.6, which was unanimously approved. First consideration. 
XI.New business
A. Mateel Communications. The Mateel Liaison Group (JT, Siena, Mark) will ask Justin for a meeting date. Julia recuses herself from any communications and interactions with the Mateel, where she serves as an online marketing coordinator, and Youth Alive liaison.
B. Live-in host, and a place to stay for Mudders whose homes are far. Issues: Homelessness, security, vandalism, campers at station, etc. Build a tiny house, with help from Comfy? Marcy asked impact on insurance. Jack clarified that a tiny house would be behind the station. Jack moved for construction of a tiny house behind the station. Dan seconded. One in favor. 6 opposed. Mark abstained. Jack moved that a Building and Grounds Committee be established. Comfy seconded. 7 in favor, Julia abstained.
C. Library quote [no further discussion was required].
A.Programmers’ Reps. Cynthia Click will be asked to write up the notes she took. 17 showed up. JT: Programmers voted practically unanimously that volunteerism be encouraged, and a gold-star chart be looked into.
B.Members’ Reps.
C.Community Advisory Boards
D.Correspondence Secretary
E.Development Com. – Emma Nation, Siena, Marcy, Heather, Dana, Kerry M., JT were present. ROTR didn’t really make any money, reasons discussed. Marketing brochure coming up. 2344 cold-call letters sent to Ft. Bragg; 3000 to Arcata residents will be mailed shortly, followed by a mailing to Laytonville residents.
i.Pledge Drive subcom. – Paying coordinators? What merch to have at the Emerald Cup. Equity of services with the Mateel. Outreach. What the Mateel gets from our broadcasting.
F.Policy Com. – Three new polices currently under consideration. Fairness Doctrine to return to the Board packet.
G.Mediation Com. – Couple new members, but not much happening now.
H.Management Evaluation Com. – Dan says we need to ask JT how her job is going. Synchronize mgmt with staff evaluations. Re-define JT’s job description. Re-write public survey, and staff mgmt surveys.
I.Transition Com. – Julia, Marcy, Siena, JT, and possibly Christine will soon meet.
J.Elections Com. – Mark submitted a report on the Members’ election, and Marcy will submit one on the Programmers’. I will write a comprehensive report. JT suggests “contingency language” – language to solve problems already dealt with. Julia says now is the time to ACTION - be clear with Nella and Beth who is a member (and so who gets a ballot), so that it can be programmed into the new database now, while they’re in the set-up process. JT pointed out that the Lamport-addressed envelopes, and are relatively expensive, and need to be ordered well in advance.
K. Networking Com. – Chamber mixer at the Vets’ Hall! Sep. 24, 5:30 – 7:30. Invite your friends, and who will be good Board or CAB members. Rosh Hashanah. Free wine and snacks!
XIII.Schedule - monthly meeting times of Committees
Unless otherwise noted, all meetings take place at KMUD, 1144 Redway Dr., Redway, CA.
If you plan on attending a meeting, it would be wise to confirm no changes have taken place.
A.TransitionSep. 22, 11 am
B.ExecutiveSep. 22, 2 pm; + 2nd Mon. Oct., 11 am
C.FinanceSep. 23, 3 pm
D.Board orientationSep. 30, 11 am
E.Development1st Mon., 3 pm
F.Board of Directors1st Tues., 3 pm: Healy
G.Board talk showOct. 8, 7 pm: JT, Dan & Comfy.
H.Board + staffa Tuesday in Oct. at 10:30; TBA
Agenda submitted by the Secretary on 21 Oct., 2014.
This meeting started at 4:10, and ended at 7:35.
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